Bah Hum Buzz

Let's just skip the fact that I have a whopper of a summer cold --or sinus congestion or whatever. Let's just have the compassion that I have been under the weather and therefore, in need of extra sleep.

That said, I can now rant and whine for a moment...

Our neighbor's front door is inconveniently located across from our bedroom window. At times, this has proved to be quite a challenge. Tricky enough when she wants to have a party and we go to bed before the party ends. But the bigger intrusions are somehow justified and tolerated. Where it becomes problematic are actually with the smaller instances.

Now let me say, that our neighbor is a sweet young woman and we have no issues with her as a person. However, her being young has played into this because there does not seem to be the awareness of how other people live life. For example, in the wee hours of the morning, it really isn't nice to begin a cell phone call on the porch as you are leaving/arriving. And then there is the fact that our work schedules do not jive and her choosing to do the laundry before 7:00 a.m. can create a challenge. The laundry machines are located in a little metal shed outside our place. Which means that every time the shed door is open, we can hear it; and we can hear when the dryer is running or the load complete. Our other neighbor and I have asked her to please not do laundry at odd hours and to not leave the loads in the dryer when she takes off for work (as it leaves the load up to us to empty if we choose to do our laundry).

Last night, I managed to sleep through the whole night and was looking forward to sleeping in a bit. Except that our neighbor decided to do her laundry at 6:30 a.m.
I was doing OK with her going in and out of her apartment door (even though it squeaks each time it opens) because those are familiar and recognizable noises. It's funny to me, that one can sleep through noises as long as they are recognizable even in the alpha sleeping state. However, when a voice pierces the silence or the trash can lid drops shut, it disturbs the sleep. So each time she went out to the car or the shed, I sustained a light sleep. But I guess she was also cleaning as every other trip outside, she would toss something in the trash or recycle bin and let the lid shut. I don't know about you, but when I give myself permission to sleep in I want to do that no matter what. Even though I would have been better off getting up (despite the earlier hour) than trying to go back to sleep. I even mellowed to the hum of the dryer to lull me back to sleep; and then slam or thud or clink. AAAAAAARGH.

Finally, she left (one can hear the car door, too) and I drifted back to sleep. Ahhh.
BUZZZZZZZ! Oh, you do not want to know what thoughts I had when the dryer buzzer sounded to let us know that the load was dry and ready to be emptied. However, I already knew she had left the premises and the dryer load and if someone did not get up to go and open the door, it would buzz again in five minutes. I got up, put on slippers and padded outside in my nightshirt and sleepy stupor to open the door to the dryer and stomp back inside.

Yeah, I know, I was the one grumbling and paying the price. She was blithely driving somewhere completely ignorant of her negligence...again. BAH HUM BUZZ ! ! !

Fortunately, I am a spiritual person. On my return inside, I immediately went into my daily prayer practice and yes, shed a little love her way. Situations like this are so interesting to me because there are so many courses of action to take. I could have gotten up and confronted and educated her at 7:00 am (forget the fact that I sounded like a bad Nyquil audition); I could have prayed my angst away and let it all go; or I could call or write her and explain the problem. Most of my family would just take it on the chin, ignore it and grouse about it personally. After all, "don't make waves" was my grandmother's motto. It would be accurate to say that most of my patterns match that--don't make people angry or risk their disliking you. Maturity and spiritual wisdom has mollified that somewhat. I am now able to do both.
I can and will pray for light between us (and our windows) and I am also going to write her a note to see if I can foster further awareness on her part.

This post is a reminder that we don't have to be doormats in life; nor do we have to take an aggressive or confrontative position when things or people don't go our way.
I am a spiritual being in a human package and I need to honor both. Maybe that's what Joni sang about--"both sides now."

Ahhhhh Hum Buzzzzzz


sydneysong said…
First of all, a little WD40 goes a long way--Anonymous Acts of Random Kindness--just apply while she is away at work.
Second, earplugs are a salavation for anyone who needs to get more sleep.
Third, unplug the dryer and post a sign with the hours for use. In fact, laminate it.
Yeah, it falls under the heading of civil disobedience, but well-rested people are more loving, tolerant. and spiritual people.
Rev. Duchess said…
Good thinking Sydney. These are so practical and I think I can manage all of them and keep peace in the 'hood.


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