Five months and counting...

..till my (our) wedding, that is.

Many things going on. I started the summer with a 48 hour viral bug thingie. Hoarse, sore throat, fever, aches and yech. In addition to prayer and Airborne I also called Jo Blaine to ask if she could do a distance treatment for me on SCIO machine as well. I can say that I began to feel the positive effects rather rapidly even before I got confirmation from her that she was able to do a session. I felt markedly better physically and emotionally. Jo called me to tell me what the machine readout was saying and it was so intuitive and insightful. I have such a growing respect for this quantum modality.

This afternoon, I attend an Open House for Dwell Sanctuary in Hillcrest, a cooperative space for several healers, teachers and artists. While I was there, I was introduced to another SCIO facilitator and we had a fascinating conversation about the machine, the machine's inventor and several healing success stories. ( Since I did not ask permission of this person, I do not feel comfortable using her name for this post). She did however tell me that there is a strong community here in San Diego that is teaching and using the SCIO machines. It won't be too long before this machine and how it is used will become the next big "thing" in healing circles.

Yesterday, Ellie Dworak launched our inaugural e-newsletter for Breathing Enterprises. I am very pleased with our first edition and the wonderful work that Ellie did. Breathing Enterprises is the umbrella organization that will cover all the various aspects of the 'work' I do. If you wish to be included on the mailing list for this, please e-mail me directly or leave your email address and a request in the Comments section of this blog.

Today, the Animal Kinship Ministry team and friends attempted a field trip to see the new film, "Evan Almighty." I say attempted because we showed up, bought our tickets and took over one row together. However, seeing the film (or in this case, hearing the film) was not meant to be. From the outset, there were sound problems. The one speaker that pumped out the soundtrack worked fine, but we were deprived the soundtrack that handled the dialogue. Different people kept getting up to notify someone of the problem and about three times, the sound came through only to stop again. So, after the fifth or sixth time, since I coordinated this event, I finally got up to go out and see the manager. The very frazzled manager was very apologetic and gave everyone a free pass to return to see any film as compensation. He promised to move the film to a different cinema if we wanted to return for the next screening. By then, everyone wanted to get on with their days, so only a select few went over to Starbucks for a little kaffe klatsch. The movie looked amusing but I will have to return to see for myself.

Quite a series going on at Petco this weekend. It has been really good baseball watching two of the best teams in baseball, Padres vs. Red Sox play. The games look and feel like post-season games. Almost had the shut-out but at least we have the game. One winning game each. However, tomorrow, Peavey is pitching, so we should wrap up this series.

Hearing from many of my friends and clients, I am aware that several people are in transitional phases. Changes abound and are in the works all over. I am glad to report that almost each person seems willing (and able) to do the legwork and whatever it takes to lay the foundation stones for what each is building. Just a reminder, that prayer/meditation is the mortar that will keep those stones in place. Our personal work is now merely going about the joyous task of choosing the color of the stones, the size and the shape, etc. We are the draughtsmen working with the master architecht towards building our castles and our dreams. Talk about your Open House . . .


Anonymous said…
Can you post more about the Animal Kinship Ministry and what it encompasses?
Rev. Duchess said…
Yes, I will look to posting more Animal Kinship info within the next two weeks.

But basically, it is a Pastoral Care (ministry) process that supports animals and their caregivers the same way most churches take care of congregants when they are facing illness, crisis, death, etc.

Because I believe and teach that animals are as much spiritual beings as we are--they are no less than us in the eyes of God--that they deserve the same respect and care.

The Kinship team(s) do prayer work for animals for health or behaviorial issues; support when the time comes for euthanasia; or if a pet is lost from home. We are not a direct rescue organization--we do our work in consciousness first and foremost.

Guess I wrote more than I thought.


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