Toni, TONY, Tony

Oh, what a night.
From THE Jersey Boy, Tony Soprano in saying farewell; to the world of the Tony Awards and The Jersey Boys and the Antoinette Perry Awards in New York honoring the theatre's finest.
Musical theatre rocks.

Television was changed by the presence of "The Sopranos" on HBO. The writing, direction, acting and spectacle, really has left it's impact on us whether people were viewers or not. Hard to believe we have shared this family life for the past ten years/seven seasons. This series would not have had me as a regular viewer if it had not been of such high quality. Way too often, I would cringe or cover my eyes from the violence. Yet, I was a faithful fan. And of course, with tonight being the final episode EVER it was an event.

Thank you John Kurko who invited a few of us over to watch the last episode from his 42" HDTV screen. I have not had HBO this year, so he has been generous enough to tape episodes for me and to share viewing with me. I must say, it is better shared. The last two episodes were so violent and so difficult to watch, we were anxious about what tonight's show might have in store.

DO NOT READ the following paragraph if you do not wish to know the end of the series.
Gratefully, we got to see the 6:00 p.m. showing (which was great on two levels--I was able to diffuse any of the angst from the finale AND I would also be able to get home to watch my beloved Tony Awards) so that we also had time to ruminate about the way things ended. I can say those of us who watched it tonight were a bit disappointed. And then, I began reflecting further on it and thought the ending which seemed oh so anti-climactic was indeed, the perfect ending. Simple and more frightening than any body count could have mustered. I knew that Tony would remain standing. I knew that Paulie wasn't the snitch. However, I guess I had expected a few more dead bodies and a few other things explained. I also expected (wanted?) some closure with Dr. Melfi. I thought she would figure into the ending more than just having her replacement be the new counselor. (I also wanted to 'take out' the Peter Bogdonavich shrink character for his abuse of confidentiality two weeks ago.... not that I have any issues about Codes being violated...)

And now onto The Tony's....
I think the show itself was pretty mediocre tonight. Some interesting nominees. I love to know that Tom Stoppard is back on Broadway. I am eager to read and hopefully, see a production of "The Coast of Utopia." Chirstine Ebersole is amazing in a very creative and unique performance in "Grey Gardens." The unique staging for the revivial of "Company" looks very interesting and worthwile. Oh, I do miss the theatuh.

Congratulations to San Diego's own, Jack O' Brien for his direction award for "The Coast of Utopia." I admit, a personal giggle of pride that I can say that although, my part was small, it was a privilege to have worked with Mr. O'Brien when I was in "The Torch Bearers" here at the Old Globe Theatre. Loved seeing Eddie Izzard. He is entertaining even in presenting an award. I have heard he has a new series on TV that I must find.

OK, I admit a certain level of judgment at so many of the Broadway shows that come from the movies. "Legally Blonde"???? I don't know why it bothers me but I notice I get slightly rankled about it. Even though Fantasia has a great voice and sang that song from "The Color Purple" very well, I didn't appreciate it being done as if it was a solo from American Idol-- it seemed out of place to me. Everyone else did their numbers as show pieces--literally. I shudder to think that even the Theatre Wing is kowtowing to mainstream commercialism.

So far, "Spring Awakening" is sweeping the show. From the excerpt I saw it looks like a "Hair"-y "Rent". It looks daring and innovative. I have to say a dear friend of mine whose opinion I respect, did not like the show. I couldn't help but notice that each time the show was even mentioned, it got the loudest audience response. I was captivated by the one number I saw. The energy came through the TV screen, so I do not doubt it is explosive in person.

OH, there was a trailer for "Creature Comforts" that is airing on CBS on Monday night. I am so jazzed! This must a television version of the animated feature film that Nick Ardman did years ago and won an academy award. Most people are more familiar with Ardman's feats of clay from his early Techron commercials, the popular British film series "Wallace and Gromit" and then the film "Chicken Run." Just when I thought I was complete with being attached to a TV series for the summer, I shall have to tune it. It might be that they turned the film into 1/2 hour episodes for the summer. If not, rent this film if you can find it.

OH, and as far as the Toni of my title tonight....
Sunshine and I were talking today about my new hair cut and our hair histories. She asked me if I had heard of the Toni self-perm. Of course, I had. My grandmother used to do her at-home perm all the time. So, of course, I had to have one too--it didn't matter that I already had wavy hair, I was swayed by the commercials on black and white TV and wanted my Toni home permanent. I can remember the little curlers, the little pieces of paper you had to roll onto each hair lock into the curler (personally, I think these were the precursors to the rolling papers of the sixties for other reasons) and most of all, the smell of the lotion used that would make you hair curl without the curlers. Yech. What was interesting is that I have not thought of let alone talked about Toni home permanents in over 30 years and today, Sunshine brought them up and then tonight, while watching the Tony Awards, Don mentioned that the show should have been sponsored by Tony's Pizza and Toni's Home Permanents.

Bada bye-bye


ellie said…
Legally Blonde is one of the Best Movies Ever Made. It's all about empowerment and choice. I think it'll make a great musical : )
Johnny Kurko said…
After sleeping on "The Sopranos", I am happy to say that I liked the ending and it was appropriate. That show was one of the better written tv shows of all time and the cast of characters were dirty, nasty, cheating and I loved every minute of it.

Your welcome and you know me, Julian and the huge tv are always available.

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