Did the Earth move under your feet?
Mine did but that is because I was on the 405 heading home from L.A.

On the trip home, I waxed cosmically (to myself) about this magical sounding date. I recall about a year ago standing up in the pulpit and making a rather bold statement that I wanted to get married next year on 7-7-07. Very few people had thought ahead to the numerical cosmosity of that date; and I got teased about my declaration. Fast forward to today and no, I did not get married today (and I am ecstatically engaged for later this year) and glad of it. Once I learned that Mercury was in retrograde today I knew I did not want a wedding on this date. It would have been hard to be at the wedding and at my mother's apartment on the same day anyway.

Did anyone feel anything unusual or magical today?

On the home stretch of having my mother's apartment cleared out. I worked very hard this weekend, packing and clearing things up so that an estate appraiser could come yesterday and assess buy all the collectibles and such. Sorry to say, they were not interested in all of mom's stuff. I did learn a lot more about collectibles
and selling things. e-Bay has really changed the market because nowadays people can find anything and everything and lots of 'it' and the market is flooded, prices are lower and there is less demand. Waaaaaaaaaaah. Explain that to my sore lower back and strained knee. By day's end, I was so exhausted and uncomfortable, I was not sure how to turn things around--but I knew I could and would.

In an almost classic Dorothy Gale moment, I found a business card on Mom's table for a jewelry and bead shop that was right on the corner. In fact, their back door faces the alley and Mom's bedroom window. Mom had six shoe-boxes full of jewelry findings--for those not in the know or into crafts, that means, clasps, pins, beads, rhinestones, charms, etc.-- Even though I was exhausted, I walked over there to ask if I could give these boxes to them for their use as I was concerned that if I gave them to a thrift store no one would know their value or use and most likely, throw everything out. A woman was just closing and locking the front door as I quickly snuck in. I am not sure she was amused by that but let me in just the same. I wearily explained my situation. The woman asked my mother's name and I told her. Her countenance changed and she smiled broadly, "Dixie! The woman who manages the apartments over there. Haven't seen her in a long time." Since I knew she was closing, we agreed to meet this morning and she would come over and take the collection. It felt as if things turned around.

When I walked out of the apartment this morning on my way to get coffee and a muffin, Susan was coming out of the backdoor of her shop. I told her I needed a bit of breakfast and she offered me coffee. I really liked her and did not want to offend or sound snobbish but I had to be honest and I said I appreciated her offer but I am very fussy about my coffee. She smiled and said "Oh, this is good coffee." Indeed it was. Green Mountain Sumatran (organic) coffee made from a tres cool Keurig machine that brews each cup individually. Heaven. And two oatmeal raisin cookies rounded breakfast out quite nicely, thank you.

Susan was speechless when she walked into my mom's apartment (everyone has the same reaction because they cannot believe Mom has so much stuff). Although Susan was not interested in any of the figurines,etc. she saw the mountain of tote bins filled with yarns and crochet thread and she began to quiver. In turns out that she sews and does crafts and makes things to give away to the needy. I was ebullient. Not only was I was able to pass along these tiny treasures to a good home; I now had a place to give away the yarn to good use! I had been quite concerned about the yarn, sewing supplies, trimmings, etc. because the thrift stores were not interested even in the unopened skeins. (I have come to learn that the thrift stores and donation places have rather stringent rules about what they can and cannot accept as donations).
Susan sent over her daughter and a young woman who works with them and they carted off the over a dozen plastic storage tubs filled with yarn and such. Everyone was happy.

If Mom were more lucid than she is, I know that she would be pleased by this and get a kick out of how this all took place; and that someone she knows will be benefiting from her collection. Ah, but Mom is not always lucid. Many times, I can tell she does not really know who I am and continues to call me by my aunt's name. Oh, she has her moments when her mind is clear and sharp and her memory just fine, thank you very much. My aunt was hurt that my mother always seems curt when she visits and has asked her to leave. Now I have figured out that most of the time, my mother thinks I am my aunt Sunny; and that when Sunny visits, Mom thinks it is her other sister, Pat. And suffice to say, Pat has often been thought of as the evil queen in "Snow White."
Oh well. We did manage to have a fairly decent visit and conversation last night. I work really hard to be open and patient when I am with her. It can be so frustrating and difficult for me because I go thinking I am her daughter, she is my Mother and all is as it was (or should be) and it is not. I do better when I go to see her and think of it as a Pastoral Care visit rather than a mother-daughter time.

Next week, I return to L.A. and I have decided to post an estate sale listing on Craig's List and get everything out of that apartment next weekend. Talk about your Bastille Day event.

In the meantime, it is oh so good to be home with Don and Belle. My gratitude and peace is so big that it ameliorates the clutter of all the boxes in the living room that I brought home from Mom's place. What is it with me and moving and boxes??????


You spin quite a yarn my dear! Great story of how Spirit works.



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