An idle mind . . . gathers no moss.


This morning, while listening to KyXy radio, the hosts were having a "Finish the Cliche" contest and win two tickets to see "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels". To win the tickets the caller had to complete two of the three cliches. (Oh, how I wish I had tuned in earlier to get the call-in number so I could play.) The first woman on the line to play was asked to complete the cliche, "An idle mind ..." and she responded with "gathers no moss." Both the D.J. and I burst out laughing. He tried to be polite recoup but said, "I'm not laughing at you...but I am laughing at you." It was such a mixed metaphor, so to speak, that he could not contain himself.

I think I had much more cogent and provocative things to blog, but this was just pithy enough to satisfy my less than idle mind.

Off to L.A. today--back for Sunday's gig at Light of Life Church.

Maybe the caller was Yogi Berra's daughter...


Lia Amidechat said…
So if we follow Yogi's daughter's logic, I guess "A rolling stone is the Devil's workshop." Some folks who actually believe in the Devil may find some truth in that and use Mick and Keith as examples.

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