Lucky Friday the 13th

Ok, so I am posting a day early but I have always been ahead of my time.
(insert rimshot here, please)

It is almost noon on Thursday and I am about to leave for the airport to pick up my cowboy uncle, Mike. He is driving with me up to L.A. so that he can visit my mother and my aunts. Notice I did say aunts as a plural because I have contacted my other aunt, Dany who is going to bring her daughter to L.A. on Friday so we can have a family reunion of sorts. I have not seen Dany or Mike since I did my grandmother's memorial in 1989. We will hook up with my local aunt Sunny and descend on my mom whose 77th birthday was yesterday. This is how my disparate, dysfunctional family operates.

Then on Saturday, we are having a humble estate sale for mom's things so that Uncle Mike can help me clear out the apartment as I need before the timeline. Heading home again on Sunday.

Life is good--and dang interestin'


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