Appreciation Day, Aug. 25th

It feels as if the emotional roller coaster has leveled off for now. I am appreciating using less Kleenex for now.

On Friday, I took Jo to see "Hairspray". It was my third time and her first. Oh, it was such fun. This film just makes me happier. We had a lovely time at thet is cool that on the weekends, if you go before noon, it is only $5.00 admission. We couldn't get the back row because two older ladies sat smack in the middle of the row. Two mothers and their daughters were around us and I felt a bit hampered and modified my interactive singing and dancing. I still managed to have a great time. I am eager for the DVD to be released so I can learn all the dance routines.

Then it got even better because right next door is the Pets Hotel operated by Petsmart. Oh my...I was a kid in the candy store watching all the dogs and the cats being cared for and playing with each other.

Later that day, I participated in the second Wedbinar with the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in regards to the editing of the proclamation we are crafting for leaders of faith on Animals and Religion. We got very exciting news that it looks as if we are going to present this proclamation on the Capitol Steps before Congress goes on holiday in November! Followed by a reception with certain senators who work for animal legislation. Woohoooo! This is big stuff.

Today, is my un-Hallmark personal holiday--Appreciation Day.
This was a day of recognition that for several years I tried to establish credibility. With the exception of my birthday, there are no other major holidays in August. My vision was to create a day where we could take an opportunity to appreciate --not motivated by Madison Avenue commercialism --the people, places, pets or even strangers-- in our lives just because...just because they deserve it and just because we wanna. You don't have to send cards or letters or make calls (although no doubt, these actions are most appreciated by the recipients); you can simply send a blessing on prayer. You don't even have to tell these special people why you are reaching out. Just spend some private time in reflection and appreciation.

I was most appreciative of the folks who came out today to help me with the Parking Lot Rummage Sale we held at The HeartSpace. Even though I placed a few ads and we had some cute fliers, we had under a dozen buyers. Ellie and Barry Dworak came at 7:30 to help me set up. Danielle and Misha came later in the morning; as did Jo with Max and Bridget in tow. Mel came towards the end and helped Danielle and me clean up and put all the remaining items back into the office for Father Joe's to pick up on Monday. All in all, we raised $77.00 for Open At The Top. And now all that remains is some jewelry of Mom's that I need to sell/release.

Since this is a personal holiday, no one will know if you celebrate it a day or two later. So, if you are just now reading this, you still have time to activate your appreciation and oh, remember to be sure to do find some time for Self-appreciation, too.


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