Doin' 55....

in a 35 mile hour zone!

Even though the five is my favorite number, it is mildly disconcerting to see it duplicated and have it represent me. And it is odd that now I am in the next age category when filling out surveys, forms or matching my heart rate on the chart at the gym. Yeah, yeah, I know the number has little to do with who I am; and we know that 50 is now the new 30, so I am only thirtysomething ... again.
Guess Jack Benny was onto something.

Handed down from Mr. Karmen, here's a little ditty that honors 55. It happens to be the Bronx PS 55 school song from the 1920's but I think it is a good choice for me this year:

Oh 55, Oh 55
With courage and truth
We pledge to strive
With glory and honor
For 55

It was a very nice birthday today. It began with a delivery of gorgeous long-stemmed red roses from my gorgeous long-stem sweetie. Then went to Antique Row cafe for breakfast--did ya know, that if you go on your actual birthday and show I.D. your breakfast is free! Sweeeeeet.

After guest speaking at the Light of Life Church this morning (and seeing some dear friends who showed up) Don and I went to see "Avenue Q". I have been listening to the soundtrack for over two years and was eager to see the show, so being my birthday and all, I splurged on bought tickets for today's closing matinee. It's hard to describe a coming-of-age puppet musical except as fun, creative and slightly raunchy.

Lots of cards, call and prezzies, too. Don asked me where I wanted to go for dinner. I chose Nicolosi's because I read that it was also celebrating it's 55th year. And being EyeTalian myself, it seemed like a fitting place to celebrate. Chow bella. (Spelling pun intended). And no birthday would be complete without a visit to Starbucks, where I topped of the evening with an espresso con panna.

And while we are celebrating, congratulations to Tom Glavin on his 300th win.
He has actually topped my beloved Sandy Koufax. Notice, I am not quite congratulating A-Rod for his 500th; or Bonds' 755* (there's that 55 again)on my party list. Tonight, I watched an ESPN segment where they showed the Top Ten Barry Bonds Home Runs that missed. That was much more interesting--especially because I don't think I knew or paid attention to the stark difference in his physique. Of course, I know of the controversy but had not seen a visual comparison of how Bonds looked at the start of his career vs. how he looks now. It does spark some questions... well, no matter as Bonds is certain to hit 756* and I only hope that he gets to do so in a homestand game. I also commend him for the gracious way he appears to be handling all this and I am glad we can get beyond it as news. It is weird to me that Paris Hilton and Barry Bonds could be such consistent journalistic draws.

Today, was also International Forgiveness Day.

In preparation for my new year, I dashed off an e-mail replete with names of people (myself included) that I wanted to forgive for any large or small hurts over the years. This e-mail will be printed and included in a burning ceremony in a temple in Nevada. I thought this was a great idea and a perfect cathartic way to release the old in preparation for my new. I feel lighter already.

Ooops, I neglected to include Barry Bonds on that list just in case he really did use steroids. Hmmmm....


ellie said…
Happy birthday!

It's in my calendar now : )

55 is a nice year to be, I think.
Anonymous said…
just to remind you; I am 7 mos older than you. LW

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