"Depraved on accounta I been deprived..."

Beyond the "West Side Story" reference, I feel as if I have been deprived because we were without internet access for 48 hours. It was the oddest feeling of withdrawal symptoms. I was reminded how much I count on my online connection for so much in my life--e-mail, news updates, general information, my blog! Now if I can just get my home e-mail to work again (it won't recognize my password through iMail).

And it was also quite wonderfully liberating in that I handled lots of tasks because I was not distracted by being online. I adore the wwww and value it's creativity and power and yet, for someone with ADHD, being online can be counterproductive. I used my time very well and even turned off the baseball game (Gasp!) and often did not even have music playing.

In typical addictive fashion, however, once the connection was repaired (we needed new indoor cable wiring) I hopped online and went into that limbo zone of answering e-mails and following links to other links, etc.

The trip I had planned for L.A. tomorrow has been re-scheduled till next week. Perhaps it is just as well with the rainstorm pending. Now I can do some wedding planning and shopping.

Just wanted to do a quickie connection blog. I have another blog lurking in the wings.


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