Columbus Day

Today, is the real Columbus Day. Not the one fabricated by folks to give selected other select folks a Monday off.

What new lands have you discovered this month?

It has felt like I have been on some emotional crusades. Looking for one's inner Holy Grail is not the easiest of treks. It has required great courage and discipline. Each day, I am clearing out more stuff. Whether it is the shtuff that clutters our house or the shtuff that has cluttered my thoughts and beliefs.

As you know, I have also been playing in the land of BridalVille. What an adventure. I wasn't sure I would be cast in the the part of the blushing bride at my mature station in life. ( Station? "Track number nine; can I give you a shine?") Sure, I was engaged to be married which allows me to be the pink girlie player piece as I work my way around the board to the top of the cake where I meet the guy groom player in his tuxedo.

Bear in mind, that I have had the privilege of officiating at so many weddings, I have seen the good, the not so good and you-have-to-be kidding? weddings. And whether I admit it or not, I probably have several unconscious ideas and expectations about what a wedding should look and feel like. Now my opinions, judgments and desires that are now getting to play themselves out on my bridal stage.

There are exciting cinematic moments such as today when the UPS delivery person left a big box at our door. Don brought it in as we were about to go out to run errands. He was ready to open it when we got back. No way! I don't postpone joy or prezzies. And as it turned out, it was a prezzie from Joy . . . and Lorin, our dear friends who will be coming to the wedding. For a brief moment I felt like Tracy, the Katherine Hepburn character in "Philadelphia Story" as she was flitting around before her wedding day. Gifts delivered to our door. This is fun.

Today was about trying on my gown and the newly crafted petticoat Jo made for me (from the other bridal dress my aunt gave me). Trying on the jewelry to see what looks best with the dress. How shall I wear my hair? The shoes I bought to go with that other dress, can I wear them with my new gown? Now I need to get the gown altered and shortened. I don't think the designers and manufacturer's know how to make a gown for someone under 5'4". Do I get to help pick out the tuxedos Don, John and Grant are going to wear? Tons more questions and things to plan. My mother and my grandmother were both around for the last trip to the altar. This time, I am doing it by intuition along with some loving guidance and support from friends.

And while I flounce and bounce around, Al Gore wins a Peace Prize from the Land of Nobel. Whoa. Wouldn't you like to have been a fly on the wall when Hillary and Barack heard that news this morning?

Nice landing, Christopher.


ellie said…
I heard a funny song one. It went (and I'll have to sing the tune for you because I don't know what it's called): In fourteen-hundred and ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue. It was a courageous thing to do, but someone was already there.

Barry and I are very excited to return to the place of our wedding to witness yours.

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