It is finally November.

In less than three weeks...20 days... I will be a Sadie! I am so excited. I want the wedding to be tomorrow; and then I think of all the things I have yet to do (even fun things) and need more time; and then it seems soooo far away.

My thrillosity is not diminished by the fact that on Halloween night, Hallmark ran the first Christmas commercial of the season. On HALLOWEEN NIGHT!!! Oh, come on--I think running Christmas ads in early November is too soon, but they couldn't have waited at least one day to get into November before pandering to the Christmas monster?

At the various commercial stores I was at today, staff people were working at stocking inventory for Christmas while marking down the Halloween stuff to 50% off. The Thanksgiving holiday seems to have gotten lost in the cracks. I am going to do a mini-boycott of companies that jump the commerce gun. Hallmark is a wonderful organization with fantastic products but I cannot embrace this marketing approach.

With the lovely arrival of November comes my travel week that begins oh so early on Monday. Awhile ago, I wrote about the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Summit I attended in July. This week, the clergy that was involved in writing the Proclamation on Animals & Religion will be heading to Washington D.C. to present the proclamation at the Capitol. I am so fahklempt. This is such an honor; this is so important. The press coverage has already begun, too. We were in the NY Daily News online! I am going to add links here if you wish to read about the origins of this event and the press article. Next week, when I return, I will blog more about it.

This will be a most interesting week of travel for me. Travelling to D.C. (away from my D.C.) -- then onto the Miracle Church in Cleveland where I will speak on Thursday night; and then fly to Baltimore to the Spiritual Empowerment Center on Sunday, November 11th where I will do the Sunday service and conduct a workshop before heading home. Whew.

It's a good thing that I took the night off tonight to spend it with my hunny. And fortune smiled when I serendipitously landed on the MTV production of the new Broadway musical, "Legally Blonde." I couldn't believe my luck that MTV was airing the entire show! New show tunes! Oh joy, oh rapture. And I am here to report, I really enjoyed it. In fact, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the show. It was well-written, witty, contemporary, fun, good music and some of the hardest musical dance sequences I have seen in a long time. That cinches it -- I want to go to NYC so that I can see "Young Frankenstein" and now, "Legally Blonde." I suggested to Don that we go to New York in the Spring for our honeymoon so we can see some shows AND still go to Cooperstown.

Is Life good or what???

Remember those clocks tonight and I will be back on blog next week.


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