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History --Herstory--My Story!!

History: January 15th- acknowledging and remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The history of an amazing and courageous man who changed the world. It is nice to have a National holiday in his honor. Now if we could just live in peace, he (and many more of us) would be oh so happy.

Herstory: January 15th is also the anniversary date of when I began work at Pacific Church. I specifically chose this as the starting date as my own mini-homage to Dr. King, Jr. I recall that day six years ago with so much fondness. It was so perfect. I remember pulling up into the parking lot and getting my bearings. Before getting out of the car, breathing and praying as I was about to begin my new work, my new life, my new church. Unbeknownst to me, the Staff was inside jumping around as nervous as I was and wondering what was taking me so long to come in! Dee, Christy, Sam, Joel, Ken were all waiting for me with the same enthusiasm. Balloons and gifts and giggles awaited me. My first day wa…