15 January, 2007

History --Herstory--My Story!!

History: January 15th- acknowledging and remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The history of an amazing and courageous man who changed the world. It is nice to have a National holiday in his honor. Now if we could just live in peace, he (and many more of us) would be oh so happy.

Herstory: January 15th is also the anniversary date of when I began work at Pacific Church. I specifically chose this as the starting date as my own mini-homage to Dr. King, Jr. I recall that day six years ago with so much fondness. It was so perfect. I remember pulling up into the parking lot and getting my bearings. Before getting out of the car, breathing and praying as I was about to begin my new work, my new life, my new church. Unbeknownst to me, the Staff was inside jumping around as nervous as I was and wondering what was taking me so long to come in! Dee, Christy, Sam, Joel, Ken were all waiting for me with the same enthusiasm. Balloons and gifts and giggles awaited me. My first day was one of such joy. All of us filled with such hope and possibility. I can only smile in sweet remembrance.

Day two was the beginning of the unravelling of that hope and can be traced to when the politics and personalities that were deeply buried within the soil of PCRS began to surface . You see, the foundation soil of PCRS was all stirred up when Rev. Kathy left and uprooted things. Then in comes this transplant from Hollywood and the garden was never the same. It all started on the second day when I got word that there was activity in the works to move Holmes Institute to Seaside CRS now that the new kid was in town. Now this had nothing to do with me personally, but I was caught in the middle of some political manueverings that caused hard feelings for a lot of people; not to mention, the first of many unscheduled "crisis" Board meetings. Alas.

The rest as they say, is history . . . or herstory.

My story: But that was then and this is now.

I have returned from a second trip to Los Angeles to take care of my mother. While she is in dispose, I also covered for her as the apartment manager where she lives. It was an added adventure when there was a gas leak in the building on Saturday night. Wheeeeee . . . as if my sleeping habits weren't already in distress. I am so grateful for my well-developed sense of humour. In fact, when I got in the car to head home, "We Are Family" was playing on the radio and I laughed all the way to Starbucks.

I also appreciate the advantage that most of the world is on holiday-mode today so that I can get caught up. (Does one ever really get caught up on things?)

In my Inbox was an e-mail confirmation that my request to start a Study Group under the UCSL umbrella, has been approved. I am very pleased. And now, I have to get some plans in motion for a start date. The What, where and when is all that is left to do--as they why and how is covered. I will create a separate post for this later on.

It is also time to do some further work on my website (www.breathingenterprises.com) so that I can upload a webpage/link for both the Study Group and for the return of Animal Kinship. It is amazing how busy an unemployed person can be.

"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. That is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant." Accepting Nobel Peace Prize, 12/10/64. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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