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I Gotta Be Me....

From an email, I was sent a chance to find out how many people in the USA have my name. Here's what they said:

HowManyOfMe.comThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.
How many have your name?

And all these years, I have squiggled when asked my name.
"Is that your real name?"
"I know a dog named Dutchess."
"Sounds like a dog's name or a stripper."
I'll take the dog.

It was not easy to grow up The Duchess. Yes, I dropped the the as it got in the way. It was hard enough to explain my name.
Now if I had been born in the 60's instead of the 50's my name would have seemed tame in comparison to Moon Zappa or Chastity. And yet, even in this new millenium, people have trouble with my name.

And you don't spell it with a "T"--you know, Duchess as in royalty? As in Duke?
Unless you send me mail to Mr. Dale Duchess and then the "t" is omitted.
Take your pick.

No, Duchess.
NO, D…

Feb BREW ary

When you were a kid, did you pronounce it FebBOOary? When I got older, I saw how it was spelled and it became a different word... It was similar to the fact I used to call it "sherBERT" until I was older and realized how it was spelled, sherbet and pronounced. Well, I still say li-berry when I wanna instead of li-brewree.
Hey, wait--maybe the brew parts have more appeal to me now than when I was a kid?

Beeautiful San Diego day. Puxatawny Phil was right--Spring is early. I am happy to be home for a few days instead of up in L.A.

My mother is now in a skilled-nursing facility. She has to pass (health) muster here before they will consider releasing her. It is tricky as they do not have telephones (nor T.V.'s) in the rooms, so I do not get to talk to her directly when I am here because she is not ambulatory to get to the phone when I call.

Many people have teased me over the years about my preference to watch the Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl instead of that other sports e…