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A panegyric for Walker Samuel

Per Webster's: Panegyric -- a eulogy, a speech of praise, a tribute.

I wanted a special word for a special being. Although ever so tiny, his presence was mighty. Walker Samuel arrived on 2-11-07 and chose to leave on 2-16-07. Not a very long stay but time enough to make a huge impact on those of us who knew him and were there for his parents.

(I have not cleared with his parents to use their names as yet, so I am respecting their privacy here. However,I don't think Walker would mind me identifying him.)

In my earlier post, I alluded to the pastoral care that was calling me into service.Gratefully and perfectly, I did not need to be caring for my mother this week, so I was home and available. Little did I know what this little boy would offer to me through his process. I had been involved with Walker since his conception and through the pregnancy. I met him his first day on the planet. He was this tiny, perfect being dwarfed by the ICU equipment and swarms of medical attendan…

It never rains in California...

...yeah, right.

I don't care if it is raining because I am home in San Diego instead of Los Angeles this week.

Before leaving L.A. last weekend, I went to visit my mother again at the nursing home. We had a lovely visit and we talked about a lot of things that her recent illness had not allowed. I also went to see the gentleman I met there in the hall, James Akwaboah. It seemed he did not go to Ghana. When he told me of his plans, I wouldn't allow myself to think that he might be deluded. When I saw his speech therapist in the hall, I asked about James. He was indeed not returning to Ghana, his stroke affected his reasoning. He'd been there six months and well, he might not be going anywhere. That was a hard one. I did go see him as I promised and he seemed to remember me. Perhaps I will see him again.

In the meantime, I am working at getting my life back on track now that Mom appears to be on the mend. (Thank you for your prayers). There are still many details to atten…