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The Good Little Girl- chapter one

...OR... How I Survived Being a Dysfit

Methinks that part of the process of my mother's failing health is to bring to light bits and pieces of the puzzle of my life. I am learning much more than how a baby boomer takes care of their aging parents.

Today, while my mother was on hold with the phone company, her annoyance prompted her to spurt out her negative scenario of what was causing the extended hold time. My equally fabricated response lent itself to a more compassionate possibility. "Oh, my little optimist. You're always---" As the all too familiar discomfort and awkwardness flooded my cheeks, I blurted out, Yes, I am!" and interrupted her. A moment of defiance. I was weary of down-playing or denying the fact that I choose to believe the half-full glass way of living. We are both now adults and this is how I live my life. Some people think they are Cleopatra reincarnated; alas, I think I am Pollyanna.

Twas not just the New Thought training and work that…

By Nature

We often refer to a person's character or behavior as their nature. It's in my nature to do such and such... We talk about Mother Nature. Mostly we refer to nature as the environment around us--the flora and fauna of what's outside our doors. In old (Aramaic) Biblical terms, name and nature meant the same thing.

Of late, I am beginning to think that I am maternal by nature.

You wouldn't automatically think that since I do not have any biological children (just ask my mother). Although, I do consider myself a mother to all my past, present and future fur children. And some might posit that being a minister and caring for a congregation and church flock would constitute a level of maternality. Certainly, the way I recycle is facet of being maternal for the planet. And my current stint as caregiver for my own mother has called forth both passive and active mothering traits.

Does one come by these traits naturally being born female? Even though I know men can and are …

Welcome Home....

....a week later...

Welcme Home.

That phrase is reverberating within me in so many different ways of late.
• I am home from another Los Angeles trek caring for my mother (more on that later).
• My mother is back to her apartment after her month-long hospital stint.
• Jezebelle and I welcomed Don home when he moved in with us last Monday and as he settled in while I was in L.A.
• Kap'n Kurko welcomed Julian Mendenhall home as his (new) foster son. I was touched by the Welcome Home banner and balloon that John had in his house for Julian's arrival. And to see the two of them together, is such a loving experience.
• And I still find such tenderness and yes, grief in Ellie and Barry welcoming home their son, Walker as he was born and as he died at home in their loving embrace. Now Walker, has been welcomed on the other side of the veil.
The circle of life.

Crikey, no wonder my body feels as if I have just ended a marathon. Such major emotions being called forth in a rather abbreviate…