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" run some tests..."

"I'm not a doctor, but I play one on T.V." one of the more ubiquitous quotes heard on television in the eighties. Now if only the other phrase used ad nauseum on doctor/hospital shows was just as benign.
"We need to run some (more) tests..."

Although, I am quite certain that running medical tests is a crucial way by which to identify disease and other important health factors, I have also come to learn that it is a verbal panacea for what ails the doctor when he/she cannot ascertain the direct cause of illness or pain. Guess someone in the insurance companies figured that out before I did and got in on the deal somehow.

My mother is back in the hospital again. And yes, "they" are running more tests. I used to like tests in school...
These grown-up tests do not amuse me. My mother looking like a pin-cushion these days, is even less amused. Ah well. Modern science.

Today, I was even able to support my 83 year old aunt. She, too, has been having health …

"...she eats ice cream!"

Talk about your dysfits. We just viewed the DVD for "Little Miss Sunshine" and I laughed and cried so hard. This eccentric, dysfunctional movie was a treasure.
And I related to it in most unusual ways that I am hard pressed to articulate. The writing, the casting, the direction were worth every award it has garnered and then some. For those that haven't seen this film, it is quirky and not a typical family film. For me, this film is a wonderful family film the way that "Harold and Maude" was a wonderful love story.

As much as I adore Alan Arkin,I think Steve Carrell should have won for Best Supporting Actor. And Abigail Breslin is a gem. My heart went out to Abigail's character, Olive as she wrestled with being herself and what makes her happy versus what she sees around her or is told is the norm. Olive is genuinely happy with herself and with life.

Abigail has worked very hard and has her mind and heart set on winning Little Miss Sunshine contest. Whe…