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Good (???) Friday

Oh yeah, right --- "Good" in this holiday sense doesn't necessarily mean easy,
right, JC?

This holiday makes me realize that as a good little Catholic girl celebrating this Holy Weekend, that the title Good Friday went with -- by all accounts -- a pretty difficult and painful day. Hmmm. In my child's mind, good got equated with hard.
But then came Easter Sunday with black patent leather shoes, new dresses and baskets of goodies to make it all better. No wonder so many of us are confused and we flock to New Thought and therapists and "The Secret" to find our way back to the Garden. (Insert the "Woodstock" theme here and kindly send
royalties to CSN & Y).

I am home today from my maternal pastoral trip to Los Angeles.
I am disoriented, dizzy, weary and weepy and all the other dwarves.
I find myself hiding from the ringing phone... it feels so intrusive. I don't even want to talk to people I would want to talk to...
I know animals can …


Even though I am blogging from Los Angeles, I had the blessing of listening to Double X radio on the trip up yesterday, so that I could celebrate Opening Day of MLB Season with our San Diego Padres. It was a great way to ignore traffic and smog and delight in the fact that our Pads trounced the San Franciso Giants, 7-0!! Way to go Jake Peavey. It was the first opening day shut out in Padres history, too. And what a Peyton Place cast of characters with Bochy now being manager for the Giants and having on the team Dave Roberts and Ryan Klesko. And I learned that Bud Black, now our Padres manager used to be a Giant. And oh my, one needs a score card and a legend to keep track of these guys. Talk about your small world....

Didn't get to hear the game tonight, but happy to report another win for our Padres.

I was tickled by the response from folks about Oinkberry. An establishment that does indeed have porcine embellishments in their front window but is actually (drum roll please)L…