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Visitng The Mall...

Yes, I have been to the Mall.
And no, I was not shopping. At least, not at this Mall.

I returned late Sunday night from a wonderful, whirlwind (and wind is a very operative word here) trip to Washington D.C. So the mall to which I am referring is The Mall in D.C. that stretches between monuments. The oh so famous mall where activsits and patriots have long gathered on the grass to make their feelings and their causes known.

But let me bring you up to speed before I continue.

Rev. Trish Hall of The Celebration Center of Religious Science in Falls Church, Virginia, called me three weeks ago and asked if I would be interested and available to come out to their community to teach the Mid-Atlantic Prayer Symposium there. Well, of course I said YES. Rev. Ron Threatt, as the former head of the World Ministry of Prayer had created this symposium and was scheduled to teach. Happily for him (and then for me, too) he was hired as the new Senior Minister for the Bakersfield CRS and was unable to ke…

I Love D.C.

Yes, I had a fabulous time in Washington, D.C. and I am eager to re-visit.
The D.C. to which I am referring in this post, is MY FIANCE' Don Coverse!!
Ta Da!

Yes folks, it's true--we're engaged!--to be married!
Wow--ain't love grand????

I waited to 'blog' the news till he and I could tell certain people directly first and share the good news before it hit the grapevine. Details are yet to be determined--we don't know when (probably not the 07-07-07 date I imagined) or where. Maybe we will just elope to Vegas to the Elvis Chapel.

Ok, well, if there was a Michael McDonald Chapel I might consider it...

Although I came back from my East Coast trip with a doozy of a head cold (I didn't dress correctly for this trip; got caught in the rain and spent 10 hours in an airplane) Don and I agreed to still celebrate with take-out Di Mille's eggplant. Along with the bottle of Cabernet I 'won" on the airplane,we toasted to our being back together and then fa…