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Mo Flam

No, not more flam...I don't even know what or who a flam is...
It was one of the names during the film credits scrolls for a film we saw last night. I just so enjoyed his name and thought you might too.

"The Hoax" is the new film that tells the historical story of author Clifford Irving and how he perpetuated a masterpiece of manipulation in selling, writing and having published the autobiography of Howard Hughes without ever having met Mr. Hughes. I do recall the headlines about this story but I certainly didn't pay attention to the details or the chronological and political connections this book included. I did not appreciate the book's connection to Watergate and the Nixon downfall. It is even more intriguing to realize that the screenplay is based on the book Clifford Irving wrote about his own hoax. At least, we can know that the information is coming from the direct source.

Many aspects of this film disturbed me but I appreciated the educational perspectiv…