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"I like to watch . . ."

Anyone familiar with the sweet film, "Being There" will recognize that as the oft-quoted line from Chauncey Gardener, the irresistible character that Peter Sellers limned. The film also has one of the best cinematic scenes with Shirley MacLaine and well, sort of Mr. Sellers. (Worth a Netflix rental if you are not familiar with the film; or worth a revisit for Hal Ashby's wonderful direction, too).

Had lunch this week with a dear friend, who also happens to be a 'regular' to reading my blog, but someone who does not publicly comment very often. I said I needed to create a word to define someone who reads or lurks on blog sites but stays anonymous. Thus, BLOGYEUR was born. (Since my friend prefers his anonymity, I shall have to only give nod to him covertly). BLOGYEUR: One who is a voyeur of web logs.
You heard it here first, folks.

"I like to read . . ."

It amuses me to know how many people actually read blogs on a r…