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M is for . . .

..the many things she gave me...
Happy Mother's Day to one and all.

This is one of those interesting perspective opportunities. I am watching how I am doing on this Mother's Day knowing that my mom is in a nursing home in Los Angeles. I am keenly aware of how different that makes this holiday.

Normally, on this Hallmark occasion, I, of course, call and send a little something to my Mom. Also, I usually send a card to a woman who had such a significant influence on me during a difficult few years when my mother and I were estranged; I acknowledge the mothering aspects in those of us who are not biological mothers (and that incudes men); and I have been known to receive cards from my furry kidz. This year, I sent an arrangement of roses and a box of chocolate truffles to Mom and I will call her as I do everyday now. This year, I am in the throes of working through any residue stuff that has stored up over the years between us, that I want healed and released before Mom makes her t…


This is now my new favorite word.

It is the last name of one of the MLB's people with the longest last names. On the Braves we now have, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and there were others, but their names sound like names. Mr.Tim Spooneybarger has a name that lends itself to a Dickensian feel.

Would love to hear from you folks---what might be your definitions for a "spooneybarger" ?
Maybe I should have a contest. And the winner gets...well, I have to think on that one.

Keith French knowing my penchant for words sent to me two of the longest words:
1. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- Fear of long words. or
2. Sesquipedalophobia- Fear of long words.

How could you not love it?
Why I am almost speechless.

NB: After posting, I learned of a player whose first name is Boofo

I think I will morph them into one and have Mr. Boofo Spooneybarger-
I can see the cartoon now...

Juggling the mundane with the sublime...

On this ever so lovely May day in San Diego --albeit a bit warm--I am celebrating being home this week. I have a support team in place to help out Mom in L.A. so that I can stay here this week and tend to my life and my work. It makes such a difference to be able to operate from home instead of the commuting back and forth. Still handling stuff for her while I am here but I can focus on my life and work, too. My main task is to get her landline phone working so she can stay in touch with people and not get too lonely or pouty.

It is time to get the plans in motion for Open At The Top and The HeartSpace so that we begin our classes and have our Open House in June. There is much to do with scheduling, preparing, website building, setting up the location, PR, building my list serv, etc.

Able to do some housework and chores; tasks and creative progress. I am trying to carve out some time to do reading and preparation for the new classes that I am eager to teach. I will probably not st…