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Argh, matey

I was told that today in honor of the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie, Disneyland is closed for a special party that starts with a red carpet at the entrance all the way to Frontierland. This was from the hospice RN whose birthday it is today. I was actually glad to have that bit of trivia so that when I walked with my aunt Sunny and we went to the French Quarter in West Hollywood for brunch, I understood why the children and people on the street found my aunt's eye patch so endearing.

This morning, I met with Mom's physician (who blessedly and ahem conicidentally when the hospice RN was there) and we discussed the prognosis. It was as I had expected --that Mom is not going to get better; nor will she return to her apartment. The doctors and the hospice nurse all felt that this was the strongest and most loving course of action. I think we managed to communicate this to Mom. At the very least, Mom understood that she would not have to go back and forth to th…

And that's the way it is . . .

Whoda thunk that Walter Cronkite's signature closing line would be so new-thought, so ahead of it's time? I enjoyed watching the special on CBS tonight chronicling Cronkite' amazing broadcast career. I think he would have been a wonderful presidential candidate if he had been willing to give up journalism.

Well, the way it is for me is surreal.
I am in Los Angeles tonight. I rented a car--a spunky little Saturn Ion-- I drove up to see my Mother in an attempt to explain to her that we are beginning the process of Hospice for her tomorrow. My mom's health took a downward turn on Sunday and has continued to decline. Therefore, this week, I had to I had to cancel my trip to Taos for the UCORS Convocation. As difficult as that choice was, it freed me up to look at some hard facts and then take it to prayer to do some deep inner work. I also reached out for prayer and some professional advice (thank you). My decision prompted by the doctor's medical assessment,…

The Ides of May

Is there such a thing?
Here we are at the half-way point of the month.

I was supposed to be in Taos, New Mexico this week. An expected emergency trip back to L.A. for my mother changed that.

Beginning with a 7:30 a.m phone call on Sunday with information about my mother's health, that sent me into immediate prayer. I knew that I needed to go up there and my beloved agreed to drive us when he returned from church. It was a long trip because (pun intended) everyone and their mother was on the freeway.

When I arrived at the nursing home, I found Mom's bed stripped and empty. A very brief wash of fear and I quickly pulled myself together because I knew it was not as drmatic as it seemed. At the nurse's station they told me that Mom was sent to the ER at the hospital. Funny that news like that was suddenly welcomed.

Knowing how these things work, I knew that we had time to get our bearings and visit my aunt. I teach that people need to engage in self-care particularly in times…