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Milwaukee Brewers at Petco tonight.
It is so interesting to be seeing and hearing Anthony Gwynn, Jr. He sounds just like his father. I turned on the television getting ready for the game and I heard what I thought was a young Tony from what must have been an older interview. Nope. It was the son being interviewed in present day. What a trip it must be for the two Gwynns to be at the game together--with father in the broadcast booth and son, on the field. They are so proud of each other.

Interesting day. Brewing some new ideas and experiences for myself.

I find myself still working to balance my physical bearings and health. The stress of late has had it's effect. There are days when I am certain that I am projecting and experiencing the phsyicalities pf my mother. A physical manifestation along the lines of empathy pains--or when a man goes through symptoms of pregnancy that matches his wife's process. It was getting such that I knew I need to augment my spiritual approac…

American Stars Dancing With Idol Bachelor at Petco

Okay, so the past five and a half months have turned me into a TV junkie. Last night, it was my paean "American Idol" final songfest;"The Bachelor" choosing his bride-to-be and facing off with the one left behind; and the finale of "Dancing With The Stars". Oh my.
I was happy with all the results. And tonight, while I am at Petco for the second game against the Cubbies (I am wearing my TrevorTime T-shirt and my Cubs necklace. Hey, I was born in Chicago), the winning Idol will be announced. My bet is on Jordin Sparks.

Very few of you chimed in on the definition for Spooneybarger...hmmm. Guess this is not a very interactive crowd. Here's one for you -- Chime in with a pet peeve. I have a pretty benign one for today. When I am parked in a parking lot and the space in front of my car is wide open so that I could drive forward and not pull out in reverse, and someone pulls into the open spot even though it is not the only open spot. Or similarily, when…