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Oh, Trevor. Thank you for being a baseball hero of the old-fashioned kind. You are an amazing athlete and a humble gentleman to boot. Congratulations.

Back from our trip to L.A. and Ventura. It was a wonderful weekend. Don and I drove up to L.A. and visited with my mother. Traffic was so lousy on Thursday that we needed to hang around to leave later to get to Ventura. So I took Don to The Good Earth--one of the remaining few left--and one my favorite restaurants and teas. We left the Valley at 7:00 p.m. and the traffic was again awful (as was the internet map directions) and we didn't get to Santa Paula till almost 10;00 p.m.

Rev. Bonnie stayed up to show us the house and the list of things to do. We met Stella the Vizla of Love. This redheaded beauty is so wonderful. If anyone wants an affectionate and smart dog, look to the Vizla breed. I now know what the mix was for my Rosebud. I knew she was cattle dog by her markings and color; but could never identify her other mix. …