15 June, 2007


Lately, my life has been filled with moments of serendipity/coincidence and "Twilight Zone" background music. I am working on crafting a new word for the events that happen in life that exude serendipity but really have deeper meanings. (If anyone has any suggestions after reading today's post, please feel free to comment).

The most recent one happened at 5:05 this morning. Out of a deep sleep, there is a loud thwaaack! Don and I bolt upright to ascertain the disturbance. I don't know about you but sounds while sleeping are interesting. If my brain can recognize a sound and identify it while I am still sleeping, I can sleep through the noise even if it is noted--the garbarge trucks, a neighbor arriving home--sounds which are familiar. This was not a sound that matched any file in my brain so I had to awaken to it. And yet, at the same time, the qualities of the sound could be assessed: I could tell from my haze, which room it came and I could tell it sounded like something hit the bathtub.

Sure enough, the brush end of the long-handled back scrubber had come off the handle and falled into the tub. (Good thing no one was in the tub at the time!) Ok, so you're thinking, "yeah and... what is the serendipity of this?" Wellllllll, I had just been dreaming about giving away a blue satin slumber mask to someone that needed it. This eye-shade mask I had gotten as a free gift ...when I bought that back scrubber for Don!!! Now I don't think there is a huge cosmic message in this --well, maybe don't buy products from this manufacturer--but the synchronicity of this that it happened jointly in real-time and in dream-time, does not allude me. Did some part of my Mind feel the advance vibrations of the brush starting to slip off and it was then translated into dreamspeak of me giving away the mask? Go figure.

Sunshine and I went to the Sri Chimnoy concert last night that was held at Copley Symphony Hall. There were two concert performances and all the tickets were given away free. This could not have been an inexpensive endeavour by any means. How did he/his organization do it? I admired the generosity and the lack of any selling or proselytizing from the volunteers. Sri Chimnoy is an amazing man. He has given twice weekly meditations at the U.N. since 1970. He can lift over three-times his body weight well into his 70's (he has lifted the likes of Muhammed Ali, Carl Lewis and countless others) and does so to "be uplifting the world." He is a prolific painter, author and musician. I enjoy frequenting his vegetarian restaurant, Jyoti Bijangha on Adams Avenue and the yoga classes at Pilgramage of the Heart. However, his music, for me was not pleasing. I prepared myself as was suggested in the program, to be in a quiet, meditative state. But his moving from instrument to instrument and the random riff quality only served to put me on edge. I was trying to be respectful and sit still and listen but then I felt like a bored kid stuck at a grown-up event and I began to make up things in my mind, look around the room, jiggle in my seat. I was not the only one. Large number of people were leaving. I looked at my watch... a lot. Finally, I caught Sunshine's eye and I mouthed to her, "Do you want to leave?" And her eager affirmative nod was all I needed. We waited till there was a break in the musical interludes and we were outta there. Whew. One can forget how precious time can be till you feel it being dwindled on activities that do not uplift you.

Having been a performer, I am sensitive to audience responses and I am loathe to leave a performance. And I am very keen that if I am so uncomfortable and unhappy, I need to leave for my sake as well as for the sake of those around me. At least, we waited till an appropriate moment instead of during his music. Freedom can come in the most interesting ways.

I will expound further on the cosmic nuggets of seredipity. And I hope to hear about some from you, too.


13 June, 2007

I look good in green.

Starbucks green.

Many people may be shakng their heads as to why I would even want to work at Starbucks. After all, my job experience and resume would not be inclined towards this line of employment.

However, I am all about joy. And if you know me at all, you know that my "happy place" is Starbucks. Soooo, why not put their money where my mouth is.

Ideally, I would like to be the Hostess/Concierge for Starbucks. I would greet you, know your order, know what to recommend for you; keep the store au courant and user-friendly and stay active in the community. Then I would work my way up to working with Howard Schultz and run the whole shebang.

Today, there was a hiring event and something was really directing me to go. It turned out to be a delicious bit of serendipity.

The interviews were held at the store on University and 29th (one of my faves, by the way). I took my hard-copy resume, a cover letter and went. I was surprised by how many people were there to apply. I felt cool and confident. After all, I was a seasoned Bux and a seasoned worker compared to most of the young faces I saw. And I had nothing to lose. I filled out an application and waited my turn. My name was called and I went to sit at one of the many tables where store managers were interviewing applicants. The man who was interviewing me looked familar and he said he recognized my name. He had been the store manager there when I took the coffee taste testing mini-class. How cool is that? This guy already had proof of the pudding that when I say I am passionate about coffee(s) I mean business.

Juan asked me all the requisite questions and poured over my eclectic resume and application. I could tell that he was amused at the fact that I was so clearly passionate and knowledgeable and perhaps a trifle bemused as to why I was there. He didn't flinch at my 'other work' when I said I could not work on Sundays. He would ask me questions for which I already had answers because of my management experience and my vast experience at the local stores. Juan commented on my passion and enthusiasm and still wondered why I wanted to work there when most of the applicants were just there for a job. Not me. I was choosing to be there because I really like the company and I love giving good customer service and I enjoy being in the stores. Pragmatically, it would be good because working at Starbucks would also still allow me to teach, write and minister to folks.

Juan told me some of the basics I might need to know from the employer side and said I would hear back in about a week for a second interview. Cool.

Got home just in time to start my new online class that I am taking to learn how to teach classes online. I am very excited to be part of a pilot project with United Church to learn the basics of internet education. I will be able to teach accredited SOM classes and anything else I create. The new software technology for this is amazing. And I think I would have taken the class no matter what just to be involved with something called Moodle. Wouldn't you enjoy Moodling?

It feels good to be coming out of the fog of the last six months and getting back to creating and manifesting. Even though I still have to handle things for Mom in L.A. (going up on Friday) I know that I have returned to my state of well-being and can be of service to myself and others; and pay attention to building my new work and my life with Don.

Maybe this haircut was a good idea.
Eat your heart out Samson.

10 June, 2007

Toni, TONY, Tony

Oh, what a night.
From THE Jersey Boy, Tony Soprano in saying farewell; to the world of the Tony Awards and The Jersey Boys and the Antoinette Perry Awards in New York honoring the theatre's finest.
Musical theatre rocks.

Television was changed by the presence of "The Sopranos" on HBO. The writing, direction, acting and spectacle, really has left it's impact on us whether people were viewers or not. Hard to believe we have shared this family life for the past ten years/seven seasons. This series would not have had me as a regular viewer if it had not been of such high quality. Way too often, I would cringe or cover my eyes from the violence. Yet, I was a faithful fan. And of course, with tonight being the final episode EVER it was an event.

Thank you John Kurko who invited a few of us over to watch the last episode from his 42" HDTV screen. I have not had HBO this year, so he has been generous enough to tape episodes for me and to share viewing with me. I must say, it is better shared. The last two episodes were so violent and so difficult to watch, we were anxious about what tonight's show might have in store.

DO NOT READ the following paragraph if you do not wish to know the end of the series.
Gratefully, we got to see the 6:00 p.m. showing (which was great on two levels--I was able to diffuse any of the angst from the finale AND I would also be able to get home to watch my beloved Tony Awards) so that we also had time to ruminate about the way things ended. I can say those of us who watched it tonight were a bit disappointed. And then, I began reflecting further on it and thought the ending which seemed oh so anti-climactic was indeed, the perfect ending. Simple and more frightening than any body count could have mustered. I knew that Tony would remain standing. I knew that Paulie wasn't the snitch. However, I guess I had expected a few more dead bodies and a few other things explained. I also expected (wanted?) some closure with Dr. Melfi. I thought she would figure into the ending more than just having her replacement be the new counselor. (I also wanted to 'take out' the Peter Bogdonavich shrink character for his abuse of confidentiality two weeks ago.... not that I have any issues about Codes being violated...)

And now onto The Tony's....
I think the show itself was pretty mediocre tonight. Some interesting nominees. I love to know that Tom Stoppard is back on Broadway. I am eager to read and hopefully, see a production of "The Coast of Utopia." Chirstine Ebersole is amazing in a very creative and unique performance in "Grey Gardens." The unique staging for the revivial of "Company" looks very interesting and worthwile. Oh, I do miss the theatuh.

Congratulations to San Diego's own, Jack O' Brien for his direction award for "The Coast of Utopia." I admit, a personal giggle of pride that I can say that although, my part was small, it was a privilege to have worked with Mr. O'Brien when I was in "The Torch Bearers" here at the Old Globe Theatre. Loved seeing Eddie Izzard. He is entertaining even in presenting an award. I have heard he has a new series on TV that I must find.

OK, I admit a certain level of judgment at so many of the Broadway shows that come from the movies. "Legally Blonde"???? I don't know why it bothers me but I notice I get slightly rankled about it. Even though Fantasia has a great voice and sang that song from "The Color Purple" very well, I didn't appreciate it being done as if it was a solo from American Idol-- it seemed out of place to me. Everyone else did their numbers as show pieces--literally. I shudder to think that even the Theatre Wing is kowtowing to mainstream commercialism.

So far, "Spring Awakening" is sweeping the show. From the excerpt I saw it looks like a "Hair"-y "Rent". It looks daring and innovative. I have to say a dear friend of mine whose opinion I respect, did not like the show. I couldn't help but notice that each time the show was even mentioned, it got the loudest audience response. I was captivated by the one number I saw. The energy came through the TV screen, so I do not doubt it is explosive in person.

OH, there was a trailer for "Creature Comforts" that is airing on CBS on Monday night. I am so jazzed! This must a television version of the animated feature film that Nick Ardman did years ago and won an academy award. Most people are more familiar with Ardman's feats of clay from his early Techron commercials, the popular British film series "Wallace and Gromit" and then the film "Chicken Run." Just when I thought I was complete with being attached to a TV series for the summer, I shall have to tune it. It might be that they turned the film into 1/2 hour episodes for the summer. If not, rent this film if you can find it.

OH, and as far as the Toni of my title tonight....
Sunshine and I were talking today about my new hair cut and our hair histories. She asked me if I had heard of the Toni self-perm. Of course, I had. My grandmother used to do her at-home perm all the time. So, of course, I had to have one too--it didn't matter that I already had wavy hair, I was swayed by the commercials on black and white TV and wanted my Toni home permanent. I can remember the little curlers, the little pieces of paper you had to roll onto each hair lock into the curler (personally, I think these were the precursors to the rolling papers of the sixties for other reasons) and most of all, the smell of the lotion used that would make you hair curl without the curlers. Yech. What was interesting is that I have not thought of let alone talked about Toni home permanents in over 30 years and today, Sunshine brought them up and then tonight, while watching the Tony Awards, Don mentioned that the show should have been sponsored by Tony's Pizza and Toni's Home Permanents.

Bada bye-bye

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