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Lately, my life has been filled with moments of serendipity/coincidence and "Twilight Zone" background music. I am working on crafting a new word for the events that happen in life that exude serendipity but really have deeper meanings. (If anyone has any suggestions after reading today's post, please feel free to comment).

The most recent one happened at 5:05 this morning. Out of a deep sleep, there is a loud thwaaack! Don and I bolt upright to ascertain the disturbance. I don't know about you but sounds while sleeping are interesting. If my brain can recognize a sound and identify it while I am still sleeping, I can sleep through the noise even if it is noted--the garbarge trucks, a neighbor arriving home--sounds which are familiar. This was not a sound that matched any file in my brain so I had to awaken to it. And yet, at the same time, the qualities of the sound could be assessed: I could tell from my haze, which room it came and I could tell it sounded li…

I look good in green.

Starbucks green.

Many people may be shakng their heads as to why I would even want to work at Starbucks. After all, my job experience and resume would not be inclined towards this line of employment.

However, I am all about joy. And if you know me at all, you know that my "happy place" is Starbucks. Soooo, why not put their money where my mouth is.

Ideally, I would like to be the Hostess/Concierge for Starbucks. I would greet you, know your order, know what to recommend for you; keep the store au courant and user-friendly and stay active in the community. Then I would work my way up to working with Howard Schultz and run the whole shebang.

Today, there was a hiring event and something was really directing me to go. It turned out to be a delicious bit of serendipity.

The interviews were held at the store on University and 29th (one of my faves, by the way). I took my hard-copy resume, a cover letter and went. I was surprised by how many people were there to apply. I felt c…

Toni, TONY, Tony

Oh, what a night.
From THE Jersey Boy, Tony Soprano in saying farewell; to the world of the Tony Awards and The Jersey Boys and the Antoinette Perry Awards in New York honoring the theatre's finest.
Musical theatre rocks.

Television was changed by the presence of "The Sopranos" on HBO. The writing, direction, acting and spectacle, really has left it's impact on us whether people were viewers or not. Hard to believe we have shared this family life for the past ten years/seven seasons. This series would not have had me as a regular viewer if it had not been of such high quality. Way too often, I would cringe or cover my eyes from the violence. Yet, I was a faithful fan. And of course, with tonight being the final episode EVER it was an event.

Thank you John Kurko who invited a few of us over to watch the last episode from his 42" HDTV screen. I have not had HBO this year, so he has been generous enough to tape episodes for me and to share viewing with me. I m…