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Five months and counting...

..till my (our) wedding, that is.

Many things going on. I started the summer with a 48 hour viral bug thingie. Hoarse, sore throat, fever, aches and yech. In addition to prayer and Airborne I also called Jo Blaine to ask if she could do a distance treatment for me on SCIO machine as well. I can say that I began to feel the positive effects rather rapidly even before I got confirmation from her that she was able to do a session. I felt markedly better physically and emotionally. Jo called me to tell me what the machine readout was saying and it was so intuitive and insightful. I have such a growing respect for this quantum modality.

This afternoon, I attend an Open House for DwellSanctuary in Hillcrest, a cooperative space for several healers, teachers and artists. While I was there, I was introduced to another SCIO facilitator and we had a fascinating conversation about the machine, the machine's inventor and several healing success stories. ( Since I did not ask permissio…

AFI 100 Films Countdown-10th anniversary Re-deux

On Wednesday night, I happened onto the AFI Greatest 100 Movie Classics. I thought I would just check it out for a few minutes and then get back to my projects at hand.
Who was I kidding?

Movies. The best clips from so many of my favorites. The best part was watching the celebrities talking about the films--some of the celebrities were connected to the film, and some were not. What I don't understand is how two of my all-time favorites could only be #'s 57 and 51? "Rocky" still gives me chills, inspires me and the theme is one of the anthems I use personally; and "West Side Story" wasn't even in the top fifty?
How is that possible? Harumph.
Wonder if number one will be "Stairway to Heaven"?

There was one snippet that I didn't expect to impact me as it did. The film, "Tootsie" was included in the list and included was a short commentary by Dustin Hoffman. I was so moved by what he said was behind his reasoning for doing the film…


...and I don't mean last night's amazing Padres score.

SCORE... "Counselors to America's Small Business --is America's premier source of free and confidential small business advice for entrepreneurs." Today, I had the bonus of attending a SCORE business workshop at IKEA. I had no idea that something like this existed (oh, if only I had known of this group six years ago before or as I began at PCRS. At the very least, we would not have signed on for that copier lease. Ah, hindsight). I learned so much today in just two hours; and the online resources and other free workshops are a goldmine for the small business owner and entrepreneur. What a great organization. My attending this workshop is a slice of serendeepity do dah that will help me with Open At The Top and other business potentials. If anyone reading this needs some basic (or advanced) business advice or counsel, please visit their website:

It feels like I am in a transitional time i…

Rise in Love

This trip to Los Angeles was shorter and much sweeter. It even made worthwhile the four hour trip up there.

Being an alum of the Agape International Center of Truth, I was privileged to be invited to a special event, "Rise In Love" on June 16th. Almost two years ago, Agape pulled away from the United Church(es) of Religious Science to establish their organization and spiritual movement. On Saturday, it was a community time of celebration to re-dedicate their sanctuary, acknowledge the first class of graduating practitioners (under their auspices and curriculum); and ordain their staff of ministers.

Happily, I stayed at the home of Rev. Nancy Zala (she is my dear colleague, friend, girlfriend and the minister who will officiate at our wedding in November). Rev. Nancy and I served together at Agape as Practitioners; and she went on to be the minister for the Children's Church there for years.

To ameliorate the four hour car trip to get to Culver City, Nancy fixed us dinne…