23 June, 2007

Five months and counting...

..till my (our) wedding, that is.

Many things going on. I started the summer with a 48 hour viral bug thingie. Hoarse, sore throat, fever, aches and yech. In addition to prayer and Airborne I also called Jo Blaine to ask if she could do a distance treatment for me on SCIO machine as well. I can say that I began to feel the positive effects rather rapidly even before I got confirmation from her that she was able to do a session. I felt markedly better physically and emotionally. Jo called me to tell me what the machine readout was saying and it was so intuitive and insightful. I have such a growing respect for this quantum modality.

This afternoon, I attend an Open House for Dwell Sanctuary in Hillcrest, a cooperative space for several healers, teachers and artists. While I was there, I was introduced to another SCIO facilitator and we had a fascinating conversation about the machine, the machine's inventor and several healing success stories. ( Since I did not ask permission of this person, I do not feel comfortable using her name for this post). She did however tell me that there is a strong community here in San Diego that is teaching and using the SCIO machines. It won't be too long before this machine and how it is used will become the next big "thing" in healing circles.

Yesterday, Ellie Dworak launched our inaugural e-newsletter for Breathing Enterprises. I am very pleased with our first edition and the wonderful work that Ellie did. Breathing Enterprises is the umbrella organization that will cover all the various aspects of the 'work' I do. If you wish to be included on the mailing list for this, please e-mail me directly or leave your email address and a request in the Comments section of this blog.

Today, the Animal Kinship Ministry team and friends attempted a field trip to see the new film, "Evan Almighty." I say attempted because we showed up, bought our tickets and took over one row together. However, seeing the film (or in this case, hearing the film) was not meant to be. From the outset, there were sound problems. The one speaker that pumped out the soundtrack worked fine, but we were deprived the soundtrack that handled the dialogue. Different people kept getting up to notify someone of the problem and about three times, the sound came through only to stop again. So, after the fifth or sixth time, since I coordinated this event, I finally got up to go out and see the manager. The very frazzled manager was very apologetic and gave everyone a free pass to return to see any film as compensation. He promised to move the film to a different cinema if we wanted to return for the next screening. By then, everyone wanted to get on with their days, so only a select few went over to Starbucks for a little kaffe klatsch. The movie looked amusing but I will have to return to see for myself.

Quite a series going on at Petco this weekend. It has been really good baseball watching two of the best teams in baseball, Padres vs. Red Sox play. The games look and feel like post-season games. Almost had the shut-out but at least we have the game. One winning game each. However, tomorrow, Peavey is pitching, so we should wrap up this series.

Hearing from many of my friends and clients, I am aware that several people are in transitional phases. Changes abound and are in the works all over. I am glad to report that almost each person seems willing (and able) to do the legwork and whatever it takes to lay the foundation stones for what each is building. Just a reminder, that prayer/meditation is the mortar that will keep those stones in place. Our personal work is now merely going about the joyous task of choosing the color of the stones, the size and the shape, etc. We are the draughtsmen working with the master architecht towards building our castles and our dreams. Talk about your Open House . . .

20 June, 2007

AFI 100 Films Countdown-10th anniversary Re-deux

On Wednesday night, I happened onto the AFI Greatest 100 Movie Classics. I thought I would just check it out for a few minutes and then get back to my projects at hand.
Who was I kidding?

Movies. The best clips from so many of my favorites. The best part was watching the celebrities talking about the films--some of the celebrities were connected to the film, and some were not. What I don't understand is how two of my all-time favorites could only be #'s 57 and 51? "Rocky" still gives me chills, inspires me and the theme is one of the anthems I use personally; and "West Side Story" wasn't even in the top fifty?
How is that possible? Harumph.
Wonder if number one will be "Stairway to Heaven"?

There was one snippet that I didn't expect to impact me as it did. The film, "Tootsie" was included in the list and included was a short commentary by Dustin Hoffman. I was so moved by what he said was behind his reasoning for doing the film. Mr. Hoffman said that he thought he would make a great woman, someone he would be interested in talking to but not someone who was physically attractive or desirable enough to ask out. He realized that there were so many women that he regretted not getting to know because his conditioning taught him that if they were not attractive, they did not merit his time or attention. While he was sharing this, Mr. Hoffman got choked up and he teared up. He said that for him, this film was not a comedy. wow.

There are a bunch of films that I now have to re-view. Including a re-cut version of "Blade Runner" out in theatres. It was not a film I particularly liked but maybe seeing it as an adult and seeing the director's final cut will change my mind. A few others, that I will need to rent:
"Apocalypse Now", "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", "The Best Years of Our Lives", and more. There are films included that I did not see and still don't think I want to see now, "Pulp Fiction", "A Clockwork Orange" and "Taxi Driver". And much to my chagrin, I still have never seen "Lawrence of Arabia." Go figure.

19 June, 2007


...and I don't mean last night's amazing Padres score.

SCORE... "Counselors to America's Small Business --is America's premier source of free and confidential small business advice for entrepreneurs." Today, I had the bonus of attending a SCORE business workshop at IKEA. I had no idea that something like this existed (oh, if only I had known of this group six years ago before or as I began at PCRS. At the very least, we would not have signed on for that copier lease. Ah, hindsight). I learned so much today in just two hours; and the online resources and other free workshops are a goldmine for the small business owner and entrepreneur. What a great organization. My attending this workshop is a slice of serendeepity do dah that will help me with Open At The Top and other business potentials. If anyone reading this needs some basic (or advanced) business advice or counsel, please visit their website: www.score.org

It feels like I am in a transitional time in my life. Wanting to wrap things up for my mother and getting her settled so that I am able to devote time and attention again towards gainful employment and creative expression for myself. At the risk of sounding like Matt in "The Fantasticks" I can feel it, shining somewhere. Something new and profound is emerging.
Of course, I am eager to experience it and yet, this time, I seem to be okay with the gestation time. Watching as the little pieces take shape like a mosaic. Is this a by-product of maturity? NAH!

The universe is giving me opportunities to really put into practice the subtleties of the work I do and in practicing what I (used to) preach and what I believe in. Joseph Campbell used to say, "Follow your bliss." Abraham teaches that if something doesn't feel good to you, don't do it. I am learning how to use my Joy-o-meter on a more wide-scale approach even to the more linear tasks and the minutiae of life as well as just the social aspects.

And soon I will be launching and sending out the e-newsletter I have been promising. A wonderful angel is helping me to do the computer and behind the scenes work involved. It is time to take it to the cyber-streets.

Score yourself a great day.

18 June, 2007

Rise in Love

This trip to Los Angeles was shorter and much sweeter. It even made worthwhile the four hour trip up there.

Being an alum of the Agape International Center of Truth, I was privileged to be invited to a special event, "Rise In Love" on June 16th. Almost two years ago, Agape pulled away from the United Church(es) of Religious Science to establish their organization and spiritual movement. On Saturday, it was a community time of celebration to re-dedicate their sanctuary, acknowledge the first class of graduating practitioners (under their auspices and curriculum); and ordain their staff of ministers.

Happily, I stayed at the home of Rev. Nancy Zala (she is my dear colleague, friend, girlfriend and the minister who will officiate at our wedding in November). Rev. Nancy and I served together at Agape as Practitioners; and she went on to be the minister for the Children's Church there for years.

To ameliorate the four hour car trip to get to Culver City, Nancy fixed us dinner and then
I took her to a movie. We went to the new Landmark Theatres in West Los Angeles. I have not been to a cinema like this before. It was an immense building added onto an existing shopping mall. As you arrived up the escalators, a greeter was there to welcome you. Had we been so inclined we could have stopped at the large wine bar replete with video screens and music lest we be without entertainment and forced to merely converse. We went past the concierge and the glass display of DVD's for purchase and found our way past the concessions (which had quite the array of choices) to the box office, as it were. No, Toto we were no longer at the Kansas movie house. This was a large counter that was illuminated from underneath and the usher/greeters made sure you were in the right line once they ascertained your film choice. Tickets were $11.00 (gulp) and the selections were made on computerized touch-screens.

The box-counter person showed us a screen to indicate the seats that were still available and he made his recommendations. It took both Nancy and I moment to realize that we were purchasing assigned seats...ohhhh. Having not been in this cinema, we took his suggestion and headed for the theatre itself. Someone took our tickets and then real-life usherettes checked out stubs and guided us to our seats. Our large, leather seats. Each row had enough space to walk past seated patrons without disturbing them; a beverage holder of course, and the seat rocked ever so slightly if you so desired. No wonder the ticket prices were so high.

We could quickly ascertain that the movie trailers matched the energy and guesstimated age level of those in attendance for the feature film. We had chosen the indie film, "Once" because it got wonderful reviews, it was Irish and a musical. It was indeed a perfect little film. The lead actor looked like an Irish version of a young Paul McCartney; and the lead actress was so quirky and endearing. I do recommend it for those of you who do not require mega-stars, shoot-em-ups or high tech.

Saturday morning, I dressed in my rev gown and went to Agape. By now, I have forgotten that I do not look the same with my short hair and was surprised at how many people did not recognize me at first--including Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith! We hugged and laughed. And before walking in, he touched my arm and said, "I'm so glad you showed up." Me, too.
The Choir sang the processing ministers to their seats. We were treated to songs, dance, prayers and empowering speeches. It was such an affirming and uplifting ceremony. Being that this was a smaller, in-house event, I was able to see so many more dear friends than I might have at a Sunday service. I even manifested seeing someone I had not seen there since the first two years. During the service, I began to think about Isiah McGee and made a mental note to ask Rev. Coco or Rev. Nirvana if they ever see him anymore. On my way from the parking lot, I see this man in sunglasses heading towards me and I stop with my mouth agape (ha ha--I was agape at Agape!). It was Isaiah! We talked almost as if the 15+ years had not passed.

It was so good to be home-- my spiritual home. It was so good to be where we all spoke the same language of joy. I practically flew back to Rev. Nancy's house.

Rev. Nancy joined me to visit my mother. It is almost miraculous how well Mom is doing. Nancy gave us an extra phone she was no longer using so that Mom could have a new one with big push-buttons to use. We stopped and got her two packages of Oreo's and a box of saltines as well. Mom was very upbeat and appreciated our visit. I then took Nancy over to Mom's apartment to show her what I was talking about when I said I had a huge task to close down the apartment. Nancy walked in and was dumbfounded. "This is like a consignment store." Yep. I do have my work cut out for me.

That evening after dinner, Nancy and I sang show tunes as she drove us to a nearby Starbucks.
I was on a mission to find a store that still had the Paul McCartney gift cards for sale. I had meant to buy one on June 5th when his new album was released at Starbucks but neglected to. And for the past week, all the stores I visited in San Diego and Los Angeles had sold out. One barista told me that the cards were now selling on e-Bay if I really wanted one. I called several locations from Nancy's house and found one store that still had some and agreed to hold two for me. We pulled into the shopping mall and found parking. I went in and found Briell who held the cards for me and I bought one for Don (who is a huge Beatles fan) and one for myself. This bustling store had a huge art mural and photos of Magic Johnson adorning all the walls. Interesting that I had to travel all the way to Ladera Heights, a primarily African-American community, to find any remaining cards. Guess McCartney is not a very big musical draw or considered collectible. After we left, I wondered if I should have bought more cards and sold them on e-Bay myself.

When we returned home, Rev. Nancy and I indulged ourselves in visioning and prayer for our respective ministries. Then we did a second set and visioned on the wedding! It was oh so sweet to share this with her. (I did call Don beforehand and told him to send out his thoughts in consciousness and we would gather them into the vision). Then we shared another special treat-- Nancy is also an "I Love Lucy" fan and she records episodes on her DVR. She said she usually watches one or two shows before going to sleep. Cool! I thought that would be a great way to end the day. So, I climbed into bed like two teenage girls and we watched three episodes together until we were both falling asleep. Then I went upstairs to my room to sleep with Samantha, the hostess cat.

This time, I returned home uplifted and not stressed. Ahhhhhhhh, it's good to be home--both times.

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