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SighMess Congestion

The title is both a play on words and a say-it-aloud sound alike of what my congestion sounds like when I talk. The whammy is that sighmess (instead of sinus) is far more accurate than either a head cold or a sinus congestion could be.

Sighmess Congestion is what happens when there is so much clutter and mess to take care of that one begins to sigh more than Mary Hartman. Sigh. Such is the case with my situation for needing to empty my mother's apartment in the next three weeks. When I go there (and I don't even have to travel the 150 miles to L.A., I am equally as capable of 'going there' in my head) and look around at the clutter and mess and the huge amount of work it is going to take to clear it out, I short-circuit and don't get anything done except make myself emotionally weary. And based on the early writings of Louise Hay, congestion in the body reflects congestion in the world around us. Bingo. Because now even our house is more cluttered as I try to in…

Bah Hum Buzz

Let's just skip the fact that I have a whopper of a summer cold --or sinus congestion or whatever. Let's just have the compassion that I have been under the weather and therefore, in need of extra sleep.

That said, I can now rant and whine for a moment...

Our neighbor's front door is inconveniently located across from our bedroom window. At times, this has proved to be quite a challenge. Tricky enough when she wants to have a party and we go to bed before the party ends. But the bigger intrusions are somehow justified and tolerated. Where it becomes problematic are actually with the smaller instances.

Now let me say, that our neighbor is a sweet young woman and we have no issues with her as a person. However, her being young has played into this because there does not seem to be the awareness of how other people live life. For example, in the wee hours of the morning, it really isn't nice to begin a cell phone call on the porch as you are leaving/arriving. And the…

Senior Follies

Dear and wonderful Kristi Peterson invited me to see a musical revue her friend had worked on called "Senior Follies" playing at the El Cajon Performing Arts Center. It was a great chance to spend some time with Kristi sharing what we both love--musical performing.

We met early to grab a quick bite and to try and catch up with each others lives. We have not seen each other really since I left PCRS and there was much to share.

This musical revue was a huge cast of people who have been doing theatre in and around San Diego. I was familiar with the famous musical Senior Follies that has become a perennial in Palm Springs, so I expected something similar. This was almost two hours of hoofing, singing, comedy impressions and spectacle. I smiled warmly as these "older" folks sang (even survived part of the set collapsing beside them during a number) and kicked up their heels. Then the female emcee announced that no one in the cast was under the age of 55. How sweet.