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Barista Babe

Ok, move over Geroge Plimpton. Give me a call, Studs Terkel. I have just completed my first week as a Barista in training as a new Starbucks partner.

Yes, I now own my own official green apron and I have a Starbucks store to call my own.
The difference is that I spend my time behind the bar serving others instead of being served.

For some, the fact that I am working at a Starbucks may be disconcerting or even a bit shocking. For others, this is about time. Nary a Sunday went by when I didn't refer to Starbucks in one of my sermons because it is "my happy place." It became time to put their money where my mouth is--so to speak.

I have long been a Starbucks fan and cheerleader and now I am even more so. The more I learn about the company, the more I like them. What other corporation offers health benefits for part-time employees? And I have way more respect for the work a barista does--trust me folks, it ain't easy.

The actual labor involved in being a barista is …

Peace Players

As the drama and saga of my family history continues to unfold,in between phone calls, I found myself catching a snippet of the ESPY Awards tonight.

I had just gotten off the phone with one of my other aunts whom I had not spoken to for months. It turns out that her daughter, a cousin with whom I spent several years growing up together has been in a major depression and having a rough go of it. I learned more about the warped dynamics of the non-communication between and among each other and how we have been kept out of touch with each other by stories and lies. Hard hearts; torn emotions; missed dreams.

And then there was the footage about the Peace Players organization from Northern Ireland. This organization's founders, Dave Cullen and Trevor Ringland had just been given the ESPY Arthur Ashe Courage Award. This group found a way to bring children together to play basketball--children who would normally be enemies to one another. These men have found a way to turn hate into ho…