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August, 2007

I am so eager to welcome the month of August, that I don't mind the jumble of this week. Yesterday I gave my notice at Starbucks. There are several reasons for my deciding to leave, significant only to me. Suffice to say, that to preserve my joy factor, I need to hang up my apron.

It was significant also yesterday in that it marks my second year at this one address in San Diego! Since my arrival here in 2001, I have moved my residence or my office a total of 11 times. So to have been able to stay here is no small feat. Not that I escaped the packing gypsy completely because instead, I had to box up and move my mother's belongings and furnishings last month . Ah well, this time there were no moving vans involved so I claim that as an improvement.

For me, this week heralds in the beginning of my personal new year. It has always been my predilection to wish friends a Happy Personal New Year when their birthdays roll around. This time, I taking my own advice because I can certa…

Tonto to Turnblad to Tony

...which is only slightly different from Tinker to Evers to Chance.

This post bodes of length, so be advised that this particular read might require some extra time and would best be savored along with your favorite cup of tea or coffee.

Today, I find myself totally exhausted. The tasks I had to complete kept me from seeing how hard I have been pushing myself and running only on fumes. Suffice to say, that the past two (or is it three?) weeks have been some of the most stressful weeks of my life. As my readers know, the almost weekly sojourn to Los Angeles to care for my ailing mother has been difficult at best. Then adding to that starting any new job is stressful but training on the floor as a barista which include a few shifts that start at 4:15 a.m.; and then this past week, when I had to get mom's apartment completely empty --a physical and emotional task-- and culminating in a wonderful trip this week to Las Vegas and Utah for an amazing, yet intense conference. Whew.

The T…