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Delete Mom?

That may seem like an odd title question given the fact that my mother passed away on Tuesday. When Mom went onto hospice, I entered her telephone number into my cell so that it was the first contact number that came up on the scroll. Today, as I opened my cell to make a call, her number was right there, on the top, staring at me. MOM.
Hmmmm . . . .
Since there was no reason to keep her phone number anymore, I pressed the sequence of buttons to remove her number. A screen popped up that said, "Delete Mom?" I laughed because I didn't think she could be deleted twice in one week, so I closed the screen with a smile.
That moment of black comedy was brought to you by Verizon.

On the other hand, there have been moments of frustration and despair. Admittedly, my regular spiritual practice has taken the negative brunt end of the past several months. I still do my prayer work and have my private conversations with God. But my sit-downs in the silence with Spirit had decrease…

Dixie Lee Dale 7/11/30 - 8/7/07

Since I have shared so much on this blog about the process with my mother's illness, I felt it only fitting to let everyone know that she passed away today.

Her actual dying --her choice and readiness to go-- was quite rapid within the past 72 hours. It's rather oxymoronic in that while she was doing her work to leave, it was about shutting down the body and doing a lot of sleeping; whereas for those of us in support, it was pretty demanding on time and energy and with little sleep.

My previous hospice and transition work has been among the most sacred times I can remember. It is always a privilege to be with the dying. And yes, I admit in this case, it brought up other emotions and responses. Yet, it is such a gift to tend to someone who is leaving this life expression. It is also quite the soap opera to watch the other characters involved and how things unfold. Nary a book or film has really captured true family drama.

And that drama usually shows up around a birth, a dea…

Doin' 55....

in a 35 mile hour zone!

Even though the five is my favorite number, it is mildly disconcerting to see it duplicated and have it represent me. And it is odd that now I am in the next age category when filling out surveys, forms or matching my heart rate on the chart at the gym. Yeah, yeah, I know the number has little to do with who I am; and we know that 50 is now the new 30, so I am only thirtysomething ... again.
Guess Jack Benny was onto something.

Handed down from Mr. Karmen, here's a little ditty that honors 55. It happens to be the Bronx PS 55 school song from the 1920's but I think it is a good choice for me this year:

Oh 55, Oh 55
With courage and truth
We pledge to strive
With glory and honor
For 55

It was a very nice birthday today. It began with a delivery of gorgeous long-stemmed red roses from my gorgeous long-stem sweetie. Then went to Antique Row cafe for breakfast--did ya know, that if you go on your actual birthday and show I.D. your breakfast is free! Sweeeeeet.