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May I have seconds, please?

As you know, this year, my birthday was not quite up to Leonine par. I was glad to be able to extend some of the festivities into today.

My friend, John took me to see "Hairspray" this morning. This was my second viewing; his, seventh. I made sure we got in early enough to sit in the back row under the projectionist so that any spontaneous musical outbursts on my part would not be disruptive to the other audience members. After the film started, two young women and their children traipsed up to the back row and sat next to me. I was concerned that they might be off-put by my interactive viewing; or I might censor myself, but instead, I justified in my head that since I was here first, I could be free to be expressive.

It has been a long while since a film came out that I wanted to see again right after seeing it for the first time. I am soooo charmed by this adorable film. It brings me such simple joy- with such positive messages and delightful music. It was a re-thrill…

DNA, genes and me

Watching "The Colbert Report" on Comedy Central, I was fascinated with his guest, Dr. Spencer Wells who is in charge of the National Geographic Genographic Project. This huge project is to assist us in finding out our roots by using our DNA.

Basically, we all evolved from Africa (boy, I bet that would rankle a few folks) and we come from one of four Haplog Groups. There are four sub-groups under the Haplog K section and three out of those four (from which most people emanate) are descendants from the Ashkenazy Jews!!!


Besides finding this generally fascinating, I was particularly intrigued because several years ago during a health challenge, I had a specialist run some lab tests on my blood. I remember the doctor's quizzical face as I sat across from him and he asked me if I was Jewish. Just because I went to Fairfax High in Los Angeles doesn't mean this Irish-Italian shiksa is Jewish. Au contrare. My tests showed that I had a rare Factor 11 blood typ…

Music soothes the savage beast...most of the time.

"Oooh, oooh child things are gonna get easier; things are gonna get brighter..." This oldie song from the Five Stairsteps began playing as I was typing the e-mail to reserve the church for my mother's memorial. I drank in the lightness of that thought and could feel myself hang onto the hope of that simple lyric. I especially needed this musical balm because just moments before that, I was reading an e-mail from a practitioner friend in North Hollywood who was writing to tell me that the rescue cat I had found for her, Winkie, had made his transition this week. As I was reading the full story of his death, the Sarah MacLachlan song, " I Will Remember You" came on the radio and I burst into tears. I heard the lyrics as if for the first time because it had dimensional meaning this time. Not only for Winkie, but of course, in regards to my mother. Instantly, I knew that I would download that song from iTunes and definitely play it at her memorial.

After pu…

It's Been A Hard Week's Month...

We got home Monday night about 11:00 p.m. and I feel as if I have some sort of cosmic jet lag. Exhausted.

How can it be a week since the accelerated journey of Mom's transition and then heading up to Camarillo to candidate for the minister's position there? In some ways, it feels like only yesterday; and in other ways, it already feels like a lifetime ago.

Today, I am going through more boxes and clearing out my closets and such. In between, I am endeavouring to handle more of the business calls regarding Mom-- calling the mortuary; dis-enrolling from SecureHorizons. I got through that call until the end when I thanked the rep for taking care of my Mom and then I broke down. I did note the irony that one of my favorite songs, "Breathe" was playing on the radio during that time. For those of you who may not have known, mom had C.O.P.D. (cardio-obstructive pulmonary disease) which is from smoking cigarettes since she was nine years old. And breathing, was not somet…