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Appreciation Day, Aug. 25th

It feels as if the emotional roller coaster has leveled off for now. I am appreciating using less Kleenex for now.

On Friday, I took Jo to see "Hairspray". It was my third time and her first. Oh, it was such fun. This film just makes me happier. We had a lovely time at thet is cool that on the weekends, if you go before noon, it is only $5.00 admission. We couldn't get the back row because two older ladies sat smack in the middle of the row. Two mothers and their daughters were around us and I felt a bit hampered and modified my interactive singing and dancing. I still managed to have a great time. I am eager for the DVD to be released so I can learn all the dance routines.

Then it got even better because right next door is the Pets Hotel operated by Petsmart. Oh my...I was a kid in the candy store watching all the dogs and the cats being cared for and playing with each other.

Later that day, I participated in the second Wedbinar with the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary …

Three months and counting...

So many things these days come with a 90 day warranty after purchase.

I am looking at that in reverse because it is 90 days till our wedding! Oh my.
What an amazing thing that is to consider. I keep saying it out loud -- "90 days till we get married." It suddenly seems so close......
There's so much to do and so little time.

In the meantime, I will continue to do as I counsel others... "do what is put in front of you to do. Follow God's lead." Which for tonight, means watching my first true love, Gene Kelly, in TCM's "On The Town" while I continue going through files and such.

Today, I was online for hours. I participated in a follow-up Webinar for the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Summit. If you have never been a part of a Webinar you would be amazed. It is right up my multi-tasking alley. Going onto the web and connecting with a video picture of the moderator; a PowerPoint slide show concurrently with a written chat on one side of the co…