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Wag More, Bark Less...

I think this is my new goal--I want to wag more and bark, snarl and growl less. The nature of events in my life and this heat wave, have me growling and snarling a lot lately.

Being stoic is overrated. Yet, I grew up in a family that did not encourage showing vulnerability and despite my proclivity towards crying, I keep pretty my feelings private and close to the vest. I grew up watching Jackie Kennedy--I learned how to do the hard stuff from the classic woman of grace and strength. My ministerial training and experience has taught me that grief needs to be felt, honored and expressed. But in the privacy of one's own home, right? When no one is around, right?

Today, I had the time to take advantage of the free birthday chiropractic adjustment Dr. Meltvedt offers his patients. Of course, my body has been holding a lot of the stress of this month. As Dr. Leo was working on me, I felt the tears well up and overflow. At first, he thought it was because he had adjusted my sprain…

Dog days of summer

It is summer and there are days, but who let the dogs out? I am still looking for mine.

Time is still a bit askew in my world and I am still not fully connected. It is getting better, however. In fact, on Sunday I had an amazingly fabulous day that I thought someone had re-written everything while I was sleeping. Did someone turn the world around and put it back correctly on it's axis? Did everyone have a double-shot latte on their way to see "Hairspray" after the dog park? Oh, and President Harrison Ford (hey, he had more practice on screen than Reagan did) announced that that the troops are coming home.

On Sunday, I was the guest speaker at the Pacific Center for Positive Living in Lake Forest. On the way, we had a few bouts of thunder and rain and the air even smelled differently. I felt ... well, positive and enthused about this opportunity.

Rev. Lynn Gabrielson from this church had called me a month ago to book me and she was just so endearing on the phone I kn…