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Labour of Love

Although, Monday is technically Labor Day, today feels like the holiday off. Lazy, hot, laid-back, did I mention HOT? This heat wave makes every task laborious. My sympathy however, goes out to the Padres as they are playing hot and heavy to keep their series lead while wearing those synthetic uniforms. Yech.

My other labor of love is getting everything ready for my mother's memorial service a week from today. I am writing the service and collecting things to take to display at the church. It was an interesting coincidence (?) that I began writing the service on Friday and something compelled me to channel surf. First, I landed on two of my mother's favorite T.V.shows. She was hooked on TNT and loved to watch "Buffy", "Charmed" and the ubiquitous "Law and Order." Not being a fan of that show, (although I was a fan of several of the cast members) I further surfed and landed on the Thanksgiving Remembrance Service for Lady Diana. For a short whil…