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EEEEEK! A mouse!

OK, it wasn't a mouse. It was a lizard. A big lizard. I reacted like a girly-girl wuss when he went squiggling out from behind Belle's litter box. At first, I thought it was a snake because he was longer than most little lizards I see. I don't know who was more startled -- the lizard or me.

I spent the next hour trying to coax him into a box so that I could take him outside before Belle came out and found him. (By the way, how do you tell if a lizard is a boy or a girl? Nevermind. I don't think I would actually check even if you told me how).

Because of the splint on my left (sprained) wrist, the mechanics of what I was trying to do became quite comical. I created a cardboard fortress around the little guy and did my best to tap or thump him into the open boxes because I was unable to lift up the full litter tray to get to him. Argh.

For a short time, I stopped acting like a porcelain priss and began to act like an animal practitioner. My fears stopped while I ch…

Signs of life -- 9/11/2007


Wasn't there a rock n' roll song about signs? During times of stress or indecision, I have often been someone that looks for external signs, nudges, indicators or otherwise giant billboards from God. Something that would direct or validate for me what was going on in the morass of my mind. I am sure I am not alone in this one. There are people who will look for clues or hints from the Universe to use as guidelines for the choices they are about to make. We even refer to this practice in some of our vocabulary:
"He called you the next day after your first date, that's a good sign!"

I have some silly ones that I have totally made up and I will share with you:
When I am in Hillcrest, as I am driving up 5th, I determine that if there is an easy and open parking area in front of the thrift store, that I am meant to go in today and find some unexpected treasure. Or, when I lived in a certain area of Los Angeles that was more woodsy, I determined that if I saw a…

A new book...

Today, is the first day of the rest of my life.
(Who created that phrase?) This is not just a new chapter--it feels like a new book.

The quiet shift took place yesterday after conducting my mother's memorial service when I realized I was no longer anybody's kid anymore. I guess that means I'm a grown up; a real-life, card carrying adult.

And now what?
I can no longer say, "What do I wanna do when I grow up?"; now, I have to do it...whatever it is.

Although, I was not really keen on the speedy exit path Mom took (I had kinda counted on sharing wedding stories and photos with her)I am very grateful that I now have My Season of autumn (insert Vivaldi here) approaching to assist with my healing. The cooler breeze that woke me this morning; the smell of new notebooks from school; the return of pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks....ah, life is good--all the time.

I snuck in that last phrase in honor of our visit yesterday to the Agape International Spiritual Cen…