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Here Comes the Bride

Can you spell E F F O R T L E S S ?
I know I can.

In a recent post, I shared with you about the process of finding my wedding dress. When it was professionally determined that the raw silk ivory gown my aunt had bought for me could not be altered appropriately, I went on a search for my dream (actually, vision) dress. With the vagaries of size--both the shape of my body and my budget, it became a bit more arduous than I anticipated. That is why I did not buy anything last week and shifted my thinking.

When I got home and began to peruse the web for gown possibilities, I landed on one dress on e-Bay that caught my eye and met all my requirements. I looked down and there were three minutes and 23 seconds left on the bidding. Gulp. Should I bid? Is this too hasty? OR was it part of the D-vine plan? I had to trust the serendipity of it all and I bid and I won!!!

When the invoice arrived, I noticed that the store outlet was in Van Nuys and since my L.A. trip had been postponed a week I…

The first Monday of October

My intention was to post a blog about the past weekend and the delicious details of my trip but it feels like so much from yesterday and today are hogging my attention.

Yesterday, was nice because I went over to the Shiloh Spiritual Center to help support Rev. Roxie in their new church space. After three years, they moved to a bigger and more beautiful location for church services. And they will be able to have classes, events and a bookstore, too!

OK, it is the first Monday of October, which may mean many things to many people. I think it is significant for Supreme Court people, right? It is also Walter Matthau's birthday and the birthday of my kinship muse, Wunjo.

Tonight, it happens to be the night the baseball season ended for Padres fans. ARGH.
What an amazing set of games down to the wire. It is hard to have an icon such as Trevor Hoffman be such a significant part of how and why we lost the NLDS wildcard shot. Don and I went down to Petco tonight for the rally towel event …