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A special occasion...

Major flashback! I watched "Monk" last night on the USA network and suddenly a black and white commercial, jingle and all caught my attention. It was the original Chatty Cathy commercial showing the real deal. Chatty Cathy dolls! Oh, they were so cool when I was growing up. The gimmick for these dolls was if you pulled the string on her back she would say sentences to you. This creative use of commercial was for Geico insurance using a new voice-over narrative about Cathy paying too much for auto insurance. I was riveted watching this commercial that I had not seen for over 30 years. I noticed that my mouth was agape in a child-like manner and it did not close till the commercial was over. I had regressed to my childhood in less than 30 seconds. It was a nice trip.

I was in a mellow mood last night. I had the luxury of using a gift-card for Bella Tosca Day Spa that I had received last year but never used. As much as I love being pampered, I am not very good at spas, espec…

You asked for it!

When I was a kid there was a game show on television called, "You Asked For It." I don't even recall what the gimmick was. I just know that right now, I am moving through the sludge, the hell-fire and the journey of my asking for it.
Not the e-Bay It. The It to which I am referring is the process of clearing out and returning to the I Am that I Am which I somehow obfuscated along the way.

In this month's Science of Mind Magazine celebrating the 80th year of publication, the daily guides are written by the founder Dr. Ernest Holmes. There was one simple affirmation on the top of Sunday, October 14th that caught me by surprise:
"The Universal Mind can think of me only as I think of myself." By all accounts as a practicing Religious Scientist, I know and teach that Infinite Mind out pictures and manifests my thoughts. Standard textbook stuff.

And ya know what? This one affirmation caught me off-guard because I realized that somewhere in my belief syste…