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An embarrassment of riches?

Given the dramatic and difficult circumstances of this past week here in San Diego, you might think that an odd subject title. One of the local news anchors used that phrase when she was reporting that the evacuation sites were no longer needing or accepting donations. "We have an embarrassment of riches so to speak..." It was her way of acknowledging the good news that this community rallied in such a swift and generous manner that there was enough food, sundries, supplies, etc. to support the evacuees at Qualcomm and the like.

That phrase has been haunting me --appropriate for pre-Halloween-- as it was applied to a situation where people probably felt anything but rich (except perhaps in Spirit) and for some people, perhaps they had lost all their "riches" in their hearth and home that fell prey to the fires.

My further pondering was about the fact that there is such bounty and plenty in the city, in the nation,in the world, why is that we have such a problem w…

Southern California Anneals

The word, "anneal" has always been one of my favorites. Anneal means to heat glass or metal to such a high temperature that it removes internal stresses in order to strengthen and toughen it. I am fascinated by words and the alchemical processes language describes. Right now, areas of Southern California and in particular, where I live in San Diego, there is a huge annealing process going on that the media refers to as Firestorm 2007.

The fires have reflected an element of purging and transformation that has been going on in my own life; and now, makes me think a similar process is present for thousands of others. Maybe we need to be renamed, Southern Kali-fornia in honor of the powerful Hindu goddess.

It has been quite a year for me already with much re-ordering in my life and releasing people, places and things. When it came time to be pro-active and pack a few things incase we, too, needed to evacuate, the process seemed simpler. In addition to some basics and some importa…