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It is finally November.

In less than three weeks...20 days... I will be a Sadie! I am so excited. I want the wedding to be tomorrow; and then I think of all the things I have yet to do (even fun things) and need more time; and then it seems soooo far away.

My thrillosity is not diminished by the fact that on Halloween night, Hallmark ran the first Christmas commercial of the season. On HALLOWEEN NIGHT!!! Oh, come on--I think running Christmas ads in early November is too soon, but they couldn't have waited at least one day to get into November before pandering to the Christmas monster?

At the various commercial stores I was at today, staff people were working at stocking inventory for Christmas while marking down the Halloween stuff to 50% off. The Thanksgiving holiday seems to have gotten lost in the cracks. I am going to do a mini-boycott of companies that jump the commerce gun. Hallmark is a wonderful organization with fantastic products but I cannot embrace this marketing approach.

With the lovely a…

Panties for Peace

Got your attention didn't it?

Lest you think I am referring to some warped cosmic Halloween stunt, The Week reports there is a growing momentum for a campaign to achieve democracy in Myanmar. According to the magazine, this peace campaign is happening by mailing packets of women's underwear to Myanmar's embassies around the world. Activists hope to defeat the ruling junta by exploiting the superstition that contact with ladies' personal garments will sap a man's strength. New meaning to trick or treat.

On a lighter note, this Saturday, as a light rain fell on San Diego, I was showered with love. Dr. Jim opened up The HeartSpace for a gaggle of giggling goddesses to gather for the express purpose of tossing me a Bridal Shower.

Parties in general, make me uncomfortable, so I took great care in preparing myself to be open and surrendered to being present for this lovely event. Danielle, Grace and Uilani were the co-hosts and they gifted me with such a sweet afternoo…