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A few years ago, there was a wonderful indie film called, "Real Women Have Curves" starring the then unknown, before her Emmy,"Ugly Betty's", America Ferrara. It was a wonderful movie on it's own but I personally liked having the film be successful because the title alone was helping to shift race consciousness about body image.

Curvaceous. I like that word.

And as if I haven't had enough curves in my life in the past year, this week I started working part-time at Curves, a gym where..."women change their lives thirty minutes at a time." Doesn't that phrase have a certain appeal for a Religious Scientist?

The club is for women only and it involves using strength training and cardio exercise in a program that only requires 30 minutes of exercising (although I advocate adding another 15 minutes to ensure you get the all-important cool-down phase) three times a week.

Although I have only been there three days, I had been a member prior to o…

I'm baaaaaack!

Got back from my East Coast adventures late last night. I am so glad that I had presciently took today (Monday) off and did not make any appointments or plans because I cannot believe how physically pffffft I am today.

It was a whirlwind week. Virgina, Washington D.C., Chicago, Cleveland, Baltimore and home again. Lots of very early mornings to make my flights; not a lot of sleep; lots of walking through big airports and too much lifting of my carry-on bag into an already too high-for-me overhead compartment.

My body feels like I ran a marathon--sore, tired and accomplished.

In short, it was a successful trip. I have much to share and will do so in a later blog. Suffice to say, that the Religious Proclamation for Animal Compassion was a huge success. You can read more, sign the proclamation and watch a short video at: and under Rev. Steve’s picture, click on the video link.

So glad to be home. I can't tell you how much I missed Don and Belle. Eleven days to g…