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It's the Eve of the Eve....

..not to mention Thanksgiving tomorrow.
Try as I might, I still have had more pre-occupation with the wedding on Friday and almost ignoring sweet Thanksgiving. Fortunately, as in "A Christmas Carol", I haven't missed the holiday itself. We will descend on KasaKurko tomorrow. The men from Michigan will watch the Lions game and the girls will bring over the food pre-ordered from Marie Callendar's so that no one had to cook or effort.

Don's sister, Char and her husband, Dave arrived from Michigan, so we got to see them for breakfast at Antique Row (where I studiously avoided the potatoes). Jessi is back in town and I got to spend some time with her at Starbucks where we could find quiet to get caught up together. Then Don and I got back to getting all the details handled and our ducks in a row before and for the wedding. Because of the holiday, we have had to handle more things in the past 48 hours because many stores will be closed both Thursday and Friday. D…