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Happily Ever After...

Classic fairy tale tag line, right? Well, yes, and, 'tag' implies ending and this is only the beginning; and happily, doesn't always mean without sticky bits and such.

The current wrinkle is the fact that my body decided to join the WGA in Hollywood and go on strike of sorts. My body is going through a process/purging/whatevering post-the intense last one month. A body that spends all it's adrenaline has to come to rest to find a way to restore oneself.

It was only one month ago to date, that I stood in the Cannon Room in Congress as I joined Best Friends celebrating best friends by presenting the Religious Proclamation on Animal Compassion that means so much to my life and work. It was only two weeks ago tonight that I said YES YES YES! to the wonderful man I married. With a whole lot of travel and emotion in between, it is no wonder that this gal finds herself in bed today with the vagaries of a physical and emotional shut-down that knocked me for a loop on Monday…

AFTER... prurient details here. Not everything is meant to be shared, ya know.

Don and I slept in and woke in time to rush downstairs for breakfast. The dining room was all set and we introduced ourselves to the other couple. The woman seemed to interested in the wedding details that I brought out my beautiful bouquet and set it on their table to enjoy; and then later, I brought her back to my room to view my gown.

After our lovely meal, we took a tour of the hotel and got to peek into the open rooms. Again, we were so impressed with the distinctive character of this hotel. The two-story stained glass window, the staircase (which would make for a grand bridal entrance), and the details we so admired. We agreed that we would return here to celebrate for our subsequent anniversaries.

We packed up and dashed home to visit Belle who was oh so happy to see her parents happily and finally married. Then we met up with Joy and Lorin at their hotel in Old Town and we walked to brunch. It was n…