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Let it snow...

...which it did in Utah where I was this week.

I just returned from a return engagement at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. Temperatures ranged from 17-24 degrees. Can you spell cold? I wore all the layers I had and I could still see my breath even while sitting in the car! And yet, it is funny that it feels colder here in our house in San Diego. I really think that houses built in Southern California are not as well insulated and hence, it feels chilled inside even though it is warmer outside. Whereas when I travel to colder climates, it is colder outside but I never feel chilled when I am indoors. Go figure.
Oh, and this week I learned that Christmas carols are accurate --- snow does glisten! I haven't been in snow since childhood and I don't recall really appreciating snow as a bundled-up little tyke trudging along. The skies were clear and bright and the sun shone on the snow and I could see how it glistened. Quite lovely.

Best Friends is moving the Ani…