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It's the shortest day of the year, so I better type fast.

What are the odds of my pulling up behind a red Pontiac Solstice at the stop light today? I had never even heard of that particular model car before today... I tried to determine what might be the cosmic inference and I couldn't come up with anything significant. Maybe a red car is just a red car, and the Winter Solstice happens about this time every year.

Four days till Christmas. That should be just enough time for me to really catch up with the Spirit of the Season. Being that my "love language" is giving, I happily already have a closet filled with gifts that I purchase all year round. That means I had only a few things to purchase for Christmas gifts; and the gifts that I like to wait till the last minute to buy. Knowing I have all my shopping complete, makes for a much nicer mien while waiting in those long lines. I choose to be shopping under the wire and I enjoy it to boot.

Don and I finished our …

Gift S.O.S.

Just a quick note...

Don and I are in the process of sending out thank you cards for our wonderful wedding gifts. There was one gift that somehow got separated from it's tag and I am hoping that the donor might be one of my readers and could identify his/herself.

The already well-used and appreciated Boudin Stainess Steel French-Press Coffeemaker is a delight and we would love to acknowledge the gift. If you happen to be the donor, or know who is--please let us know. (You can reply privately by e-mail:

Mrs. Converse