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Amazing Grace

One of the amazing things about extended holidaytime is that in addition to any celebrations, it gives one free time for R & R. For Don and I, that means catching up on movies we did not see earlier in the year.

We rented a passle of DVD's and have been watching current releases as well as the classic holiday fare.

Last night, we had the blessing of watching a film called, "Amazing Grace" the story of William Wilberforce, the 19th century British reformer and abolitionist. The reason that the song is so significant is that Wilberforce was taught and influenced by the former slave ship worker turned preacher, John Newton who wrote the now famous hymn as his own paean to assuage his guilt.

In addition to the powerful history that this man generated, the film itself is stunning. A wonderful cast aptly directed by Michael Apted and written with power and beauty. It is a must-see. Be prepared to be touched, transformed and moved to action.

This film spoke to me on so many…

God Bless Us Everyone...

It is Christmas Day. Merry, merry.

It has been quite the holiday weekend (yes, I know today is actually a Tuesday but it feels like a weekend, doesn't it?). I sensed that this time would be filled with emotions--given the way this year has gone--and I was correct.

This week, I allowed myself my mini-meltdowns of sadness when I would have realizations of not being able to share this time with my mother. A song would play and I would cry; or I would think of something specific as a holiday tradition Mom and I would share and then I would sob. And because I allowed myself the space and time to have the emotions that would well up, I moved through them quickly and always returned to present time. I know and sense that "she is with me in Spirit" and I wouldn't put it past her to have somehow influenced some of the major events that have transpired. Yet it is true that there is so much of the past four months that I wish with all my heart I could share with her in real…