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January forth . . .

Happy New Year!
2008 is already great--can't you feel it?

Was it only me, or were you really ready for this new year? It was so easy to make the transition into 2008 from last year. I think because 2007 was the complex and loaded (both with joy and grief) I was required to do my 'work' as it appeared and therefore, I was really clear and ready for the new. I released plenty in 2007.

By November, 2007 I was already there, so to speak, stepping into and embracing the new life. Beginning with the trip to D.C. for the Proclamation on Animal Compassion; and then home to my D.C. for our wedding. November 23rd, 2007 was our New Year's Day and we had quite the celebration to match.

If you hadn't felt the excitement as yet, the Iowa caucuses certainly gave us something to talk about early on. It was historical and provocative. 65% of the Republicans who participated are born-again Christians or fundamentalists and it is deeply coloring their support; and their key concern …