By the light of the microwave . . .

Given the construct of where we live and the furniture placement, we cannot close the bedroom door for privacy or silence. Therefore, at o'dark thirty when I up getting ready to go to Curves, I navigate my kitchen needs by the light from within in the microwave so that I do not disturb Don.

There was an old Warner Brothers cartoon that I enjoyed where one of the silly animated characters had been hiding in the refrigerator ( as I recall, it may have even been Daffy Duck) and when he comes out he declares, "Whatdya know? The little light--it stays on!" I have often used that little light to access the infrequent glass of cold water during the night, or to grab a quick something without turning on the overhead light. But I have to say the light in this microwave outshines our fridge.

Has anyone else ever noticed that whenever you wash and dry sweat pants orshorts, the pockets always come out and look likeDumbo's little floppy ears ? Does anyone else want to be brave enough with me to start a new fashion trend and wear our clothes with the pockets on the outside? I think it will catch on.. Maybe it could even become more popular than the fasion of wearing one's pants lower than is visually and esthetically desireable.

Why is it that most plastic surgeons look like male models? Or is it just that those slick looking gents are the ones who include their photo in the advertisements?

According to my favorite periodical, The Week, the January 11th issue cites a poll for 2007 that states people value time with their computers more than their significant other! 80% of the people feel they are becoming more dependent on their computers. Of course, if they own a Mac, I can udertstand that--but I still prefer Don time (and not just because he is a regular reader here). I was comforted to know that 82% of the people poll believe in God. However, I doubt the poll qualifed what or who God is to the individual. Hmmmm.... 31% believe the Bible to be the actual word of God; blessedly, 47% believe the Bible to be the inspired word of (from?) God.

Incase you are one of those people who balk at the cost of a cup of joe at Starbucks, please note that Starbucks spends more than $200 million annually on providing health benefits for it's employees (both part-time and full-time) and that is more than they spend on raw coffee beans.

Did you know that Congress passed a new energy bill that the incandescent light bulb will be replaced by more energy-efficient bulbs starting in 2012?

Oh no, does that mean there will be a green glare emitting from my microwave or fridge?


But would you rather spend time with me, or with the microwave?


ellie said…
Unfortunately, the more efficient bulbs contain toxic waste (mercury) and won't work in my sunrise alarm clock : (

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