Seven year itch?

This is a weekend of note.

Since I am writing this post on Sunday, I will begin by congratulating the San Diego Chargers on their win over the Colts.

Yesterday, I attended the Abraham-Hicks Workshop, "Science of Deliberate Creation" at the Marriott Hotel. I have certainly read much of the Abraham material and listened to a few audio excerpts, but this was my first time seeing Abraham in person. I was not disappointed. In fact, I was quite pleased at the professional and yet personal presentation.

As an attendee, you get a two page form to fill-out in advance that you are asked to sign and agree to. Certain procedural rules that Abraham-Hicks have determined makes for a smoother and effective experience for everyone. I now concur. Having been at loads of seminars, conference and other self-help or religious conferences, I was struck by the civility, respect and ease of the entire operation. My feeling is that because the workshop set an advance intention to which we all agreed (and signed) it made for a very successful event. The hotel was very accommodating and comfortable (as comfortable as hotel event chairs can be for several hours) and offered a delicious and healthy lunch. Oh, and yes, they did serve Starbucks and Tazo tea which certainly garnered them gold stars in my eyes.

The Abraham material was strong, clear and quite relevant. I was impressed with how much direct and individual time was given to those chosen to ask their personal questions. And as we had been advised, it did prove to be valuable to listen to Abraham's responses because the greater truths spoken were applicable to more than just the person in the hot-seat asking their questions. I know because I had prepared questions so that I might be among those vying for a chance to sit with Abraham and ask my questions. What I realized is that by my being open, I was able to translate the answers to fit most of my own questions. I gleaned pearls of wisdom and refreshed or reminded myself of things that I had lost sight of over the past year or so.

I am now eager to tell a new story --which dovetails into the seven year itch concept.

This weekend is my seventh anniversary of having moved to San Diego. Am I itching? Yes.
Am I moving? Yes. Physically? Probably by March Don and I will get new digs that better suit us (after all, I have been in this place 29 months!); and metaphorically, I am definitely in motion. I can feel my engines revving up. The difference is this time, I don't have a clear idea of what I'm going to be doing or where.

They say that we rebuild ourselves --our cells and such--every seven years. I am eager to write my new story that is in vibrational alignment with my desire and my purpose; and manifest what Don and I are to do in the world together.

Now that's an itch worthy to scratch!


Susannah said…
Just don't do anything rash...(yuk yuk yuk)

Has it really been almost seven years that I've known you? The other day I had occasion to meet up with some friends at Harry Griffen Park in La Mesa (their choice) and my path there took me through the intersection of Severin & Amaya. Despite all the other "stuff" that surrounds *that place*, as I passed it I was simply filled with happy memories of taking Foundations class with the quirky red-headed Rev DD.

You were such an inspiration to me then, and continue to be so now. I loved reading this post, and feel all "itchy" and ready to begin something new myself. Wherever our next steps takes us, I hope our stories continue to intersect.


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