Casting my antique pearls. . .

February the first. Wear Red Day in honor of the American Heart Association's support of women's heart health. I wore red and I support healthy hearts in every way I can.

Still slogging through the sorts-less week. Feeling better both physically and otherwise. I am making very concerted efforts to do the things before me to do; maintain my spiritual practice; advance my creative ideas and projects; and stretch into the realm of what's in store.

To that end, I submitted my resume to a bunch of civilian companies to check out work possibilities. (Those of us from the "Dobie Gillis" generation are required to read the word, 'work' in a high-pitched squeaky voice reminiscent of Maynard G. Krebs. Not to be confused with a later Gilligan for the rest of you). Let me qualify my use of the word, 'civilian'--for me that means a line of work that has nothing to do with my usual jobs in show business or in the God-business.

The last year with all the changes and transitions in my life, managed to sand me to a neutral layer and I am looking at all my options for work and for employment. I like the idea of looking at all the new options ahead of me. There are so many things I want to see, try, know, learn and do. Where do I want to go? How will I be of service? What do I want to do ... "when I grow up"? The funny thing is, somewhere along the way .... I already grow'd up and I forgot to take notice. I am now a mature, married woman (no chuckling from the peanut gallery, please) and the world is very different.

For one thing, you only apply for jobs electronically--you either send a fax of your resume and job application or you do it online. No more people connections; and few ways to personalize your submission. I love the internet but it can be so impersonal. What does Personnel...oh, excuse me, HR do these days? It's a very different ballgame and I feel like a rookie.

Today, I went on a job interview. When this company called me, I knew immediately and intuitively that this was not going to be a match. The questions and comments from the very young female voice gave me early clues as to the tenor of the company and possible creative position that was open. I figured that Spirit put this opportunity in front of me for a reason. Someone at their company had to have somewhat perused my eclectic resume to determine it was worth calling me for an interview, so maybe there was an unexpected treasure to be found. Ultimately, I agreed to the interview reasoning that it would be good practice to suit up (literally) and see what it was like . . . out there.

Suffice to say, it was as I sensed it would be--very loud, very new and very uninspiring. Damn. I have high expectations I guess. And for me, there was no joy factor to be found. The people in the interview were very nice and we talked and laughed; and yet, both sides knew it wasn't a fit. Ah well. It felt like one of those dates from where you kinda know from the early conversations that although it "looks good on paper" you really don't have the right match with the other person. Yet you are willing to be open and "give it a try"; and then each party arrives for the date and within seconds you know it was a mistake and look for a graceful way out.

The Truth of the matter is that I know things are stirring and shifting and worlds turning from within. Going on this interview was a way to pass the time while the Universe puts everything in place as I envision it. I really do have a clear idea of what I want to do (and be) and the cosmic stagehands are moving the set into place, getting the wardrobe ready, adjusting the sound so that I can step into my key light. Till then, I start to question and wonder and fret and almost unravel things because of my impatience. Silly me.

Then I get reminders such as the one from The DAILY OM. Today's message was "Repeating Patterns of Meaning: Numbers" and it was eerie and yet, very confirmational of all the cosmosity of which I have been feeling and writing. (For those of you unfamiliar, you can review and or register on the site at: For about two months, Don and I have noticed a pattern of seeing the numbers 11:11 on the various digital clocks in our lives. We have been constantly drawn to looking up just as the those numbers appear. Occasionally, the pattern shows up as 1 1 1 . It has happened so often to each of us that we began to mention it to each other and then the happenstance began to increase. We knew that seeing that pattern of numbers meant something but we were uncertain as to what. 1 1 1 1 .... one, one, one, ONE .... could it be that simple? All ones? All One? Yes, I believe that is a huge part of it --the external reminder that we are all One. And in reading this essay and the subsequent posts from other readers, it has helped to give me a clue as to the internal process I can take to find out the meaning for myself.

In the meantime, I shall take care of a few lingering loose ends, put back my pearls and crank up the joy machine. That and watch the Puppy Bowl (on Animal Planet) this Sunday.


jo blaine said…
I have heard it said from numerous sources that the 11:11 is a touchstone for us, a wonderful nod from Spirit acknowledging our participation in the great shift we are all going through together.

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