Doo Dah.

The past several days has only continued to give face to the serendipity and synchronicity of whatever cosmosity and psychism that is a foot.

For example, today, as I was leaving at 6:30 a.m. to walk to work at Curves, I stopped at the door and engaged in a mental conversation as to whether or not to take my house keys. My rational mind told me that there was no need as Don would still be home when I got off work. Then the inner voice tried to dissuade me and encourage me to take the keys. The mental dialogue continued as I tried to explain that I don't like taking the full set of keys to work because they often fall out of my pocket when I workout. ( Take them anyway.) I picked them up and then put them down again. (What is the big deal? Just take the keys!) No,I think I am consciously going to leave them here and then pay attention to what if anything shows up about the keys to see if there is something to this mental machination exercise.

Yep. Even that was prescient on my part.

About 11:15 as I was putting on my workout shoes, I had this urge to call Don. I dismissed it and encouraged myself to stay focused, do my workout and I could call later or see him shortly when I got off work. Not even a full 30 seconds go by and my cell phone rings and, you guessed it-- it was Don calling. Had he not 'crossed my mind' when he did, I might not have been paying full attention to my cell when it rang because it is quite loud at Curves. Someone at his job called in sick and Don was going into work two hours earlier than usual. I told him I did not have keys to get into the house and fortunately, he had not gotten on the freeway and was able to drive by Curves and give me his keys. Interesting.

Time and time again, I have proven to myself that when that little voice tells me something, there is usually merit to it and I should pay attention. It's not that I really doubt it, I guess it's more of an inner-game of sorts that I play with the Universe. Wisely, I don't play strip poker with the Universe because I would be naked far too often.

OH, and on Sunday, Don and I had an important business meeting. When we arrived, I was amused because I looked down at the odometer and it read ... 111 -- well, actually it was 11.1 miles. Yet, once again, here were the repetitive numbers in sequence.

Maybe I should buy a lotto ticket?


Have you bought the lotto ticket yet?


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